Why Hire Employees Remotely?


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More companies are hiring their workforce remotely. This means allowing employees to work from home instead of asking them to work in an office and communicating via the web/phone. A remote workforce can have all kinds of advantages. Here are just several reasons to start recruiting employees remotely.

Modern technology has made it more efficient

Before the internet, hiring employees remotely was difficult as you only had a phone to relay information to one another, whilst documents have to be physically mailed. Nowadays, it’s much easier to communicate and share information thanks to digital technology. Cloud computing has offered a secure way to share files remotely, whilst video messaging has made it possible to have in person conversations with employees if needs be. This makes it easier for everyone to keep in the loop.

It’s a great way to save costs on office space

By hiring employees remotely, you forgo the need for an office, allowing you to run your company from home. This could save you a huge amount of money commonly spent on office expenses such as rent and energy bills. You can also save money on equipment such as desks and extra computers. Some companies may still want an office to meet clients in, however this can generally be done via video conferencing or by meeting clients in a coffee shop.

You can hire the best talent from around the world

When you have an office, you’re limited to employees that are based locally. When hiring remote employees, you have freedom to source workers from all around the world. This gives you access to a much broader range of applicants, some of which may be better suited than were you to limit yourself to local applicants. Being able to hire staff from around the world also has other advantages – there may be workers based in different time zones that can allow your business to operate around the clock, whilst it may also have cultural advantages when working with clients abroad.

No-one has to commute

Commuting takes hours out of people’s days and can be stressful. Hiring employees remotely means that both you and your staff don’t need to commute anywhere. This could allow you and your employees to start work feeling fresher, plus you don’t have the inconvenience of train delays and traffic jams preventing people from starting work on time.

Remote employees are often more productive

Studies have found that 91% of workers feel more productive when working from home. This could be due to less distractions from colleagues, allowing workers to concentrate more on individual tasks. Remote employees also tend to take less sick days, perhaps because they’re not exposed to the bugs that often get spread around offices. Taking all this into account, you could find that your company runs much more efficiently when using remote workers.

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