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5 Difficult Customer Scenarios (And How To Respond)

If history has taught businesses anything, it’s that the customer is always right. Even when they are wrong, they are correct. And, if you don’t get behind this theory from the very beginning, then you will piss a few people off. That isn’t speculation – it’s the truth. The problem is that consumers are hard to handle anyway. Whether you do the ... read more

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What Will It Take To Get To The Top?

As you start out in the world of business, you’re always going to want to succeed. You never really have this vision of following your dream and failing. Instead, you think about all of the amazing things that you want to do, and you make a plan to see it through. However, somewhere along the way, you may discover that your plan isn’t really ... read more

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Is An Interim Plan Good For Your Manufacturing Factory?

Don’t we all wish we could put our foot down hard and put the pedal to the metal with our business plan? We just want to release all our ambitions and aspirations in one giant flurry of creativity, hard work, innovation and jaw-dropping efficiency. That would be like living in a world that's not a reality but a video game where you control ... read more

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A Lesson in Leadership

There’s a notion that leaders are born rather than created, but the majority of people would agree that leadership is a skill and character trait that can be learned.  This is a particularly important skill to learn today, as whether you have a simple side hustle or run a substantial company, the need to effectively manage others is becoming ... read more

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5 Ways You Should Be Interacting With Your Target Audience

Keeping your business ticking over smoothly has never been easy, especially when it comes to caring for your customers. It’s not always about tweaking and improving your products and services, it’s about the customer service you provide with each transaction. You want to make it a smooth, friendly and professional experience for every person who ... read more