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6 Things To Look For In A new Business Premise

Choosing a business premise is one of the most important things that you will ever do for your business. This is because your premise is such an integral part of your company as a whole, which is why choosing the perfect place is such a vital task. A commonly made mistake by business owners is starting to look at potential commercial properties ... read more

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It’s All About Your Production Line

It really is all about your production line. Without it, your whole business just wouldn’t function as it does. But, just because it’s functioning at the minute, does that mean that your production line is efficient? Or does that mean that you’re protecting your production line from faults? Probably not. Because when trying to run a business line, ... read more

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You CAN Get The Staff These Days: 5 Tips For Hiring Better Employees

Constantly being let down by new employees can be hugely frustrating. You may be starting to doubt that there are any good applicants out there at all. This of course is not the attitude to have – there are good applicants out there and you can find them, but you may need to drastically improve your hiring process. Here are just five tips to help ... read more

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3 Startup Costs That People Always Underestimate

Detailed financial forecasting is one of the most important steps when you’re starting a new business. You’re going to be working with a very limited amount of cash and if you don’t keep on top of your spending, you could easily run out of cash before you start making a profit. It’s difficult to accurately forecast your spending because the ... read more

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Is Your Business Damage Proof?

Well, of course not, nothing is, but is your business in a position that can weather any storm that comes its way? If not, now’s the time for you to focus on that idea, and turn your little startup into a company that can thrive in any kind of market situation! There’s a lot that can go wrong in business, after all, and you’re going to want to ... read more