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Treat An Employee Like A Robot And He/She Will Not Compute

The great thing about the world of evolving technologies, businesses, trade and societies is that you have more chance of success. Granted you head into issues whereby you need to spend time making sure your business is adaptable and stays ahead of the competition. However, where there are more options, there are more roads that eventually lead to ... read more

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4 Signs Your Business Is Using Outdated Technology

What do we mean when we say outdated? We are talking about the equipment that your business uses. We are talking about the software your business relies upon. We are talking about using the technology that is no longer current in today’s business world. By using outdated tech, you are slowing down productivity, aggravating your employees, and ... read more

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The Best Ways to Get Feedback from Your Customers

Customer feedback is vital to the development of any new business, or the growth of an older one. You might love what you are doing, the focus groups might also be overwhelmingly positive, but it’s the real customer's options that matter. Those are the people that will keep coming back, bring their friends and sharing your service online. But, how ... read more

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Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring Your First Employees

In today’s article, we’re going to have a look at those first employees you hire for your team. It’s a big moment for your small business; you finally feel like things are coming together and that you’re a genuine company. Now, we’re not going to touch upon different ways you can make this process quicker or easier for you - I’ve already done that ... read more

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The Financial Troubles A Small Business Faces

There are many hurdles that a small business will face, but no hurdle is bigger than the finance hurdle. It’s common for even bigger businesses to face financial trouble, so for a smaller company it is vital that any issues are tackled head on right from the very beginning. To make sure that you don’t fall at any financial hurdles, we’ve got some ... read more