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The Chase – What To Do When A Client Doesn’t Pay Up

One of the major advantages of running your own business is, of course, the freedom. The ability to set your own hours and pace of work is something many people are envious of, but without a proper structure in place, especially for those that are just starting out in self-employment or freelancing, one of the main issues people have is getting ... read more

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Becoming a Better Leader: How to Promote Efficiency in The Workplace

The fact that you’re a business owner and the leader of your employees doesn’t automatically turn you into a good leader. An efficient team and a productive environment to work in depend on calm and stable leadership; there is more to being a leader than to have a fancy title and a team behind you. A good leader is able to make the people around ... read more

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How To Stay Organized, The Easy Way!

In adult life, staying organized is incredibly important. We all lead very busy lives, so we need to make sure that everything is organized, at home and at work! Without organization, our lives would be a messy patchwork of uncompleted tasks and jobs, which is stressful for even the most level headed of people! It can be hard to know what is good ... read more

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Phenomenal Tips To Make Your Business A Paragon Of Safety

Safety is vital in whatever industry you're in. You want the products or service that you sell to be safe, you want your employees to be safe, and you want your premises, and the IT you use to be safe. But just how can all these things be done? Read on to find out. Ensuring product safety Firstly, it's important that any product that you ... read more

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Essential Guide To Planning A Corporate Event

Many businesses hold a corporate event on a yearly basis. There are many reasons for these gatherings, such as socialising with customers and investors, training for employees and interested parties, or conferences with guest speakers to boost morale and increase business knowledge. As with any event, a lot of planning needs to take place. No ... read more