Ready For Spring? Here’s How to Dress

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Fashion is, in fact, not something that dictates what you should wear but rather an indicator of what you’ll be finding a lot of in the clothing shops lately. It will be hard to get away from it, in other words, and being in-the-know simply means that you’ll be able to anticipate what’s hot and what’s not for the coming season.

What you choose to wear is, as always, up to you but the spring fashion for this year is actually quite kickass. Here is a handful of the best clothing items you’ll be seeing in the shops and on your friends and family members in a couple of months so that you can prepare yourself to go back to the 1920s.

First: Bucket hats will be everywhere

While we’re not quite there yet, we are just a year away from being back to the roaring 20s and you’re going to see a return of the most fashionable pieces from that era. The hats, for example, will be back for real and it’s going to be a lot easier for all of us to look both worldly and glamorous at the same time.

It’s not just going to be for women, though, and you might want to prepare yourself to see all of those fedora-wearing men changing their headwear for a bucket hat instead. It doesn’t mean that it will be any better – it’s just how it is.

You can have a look at this selection of bucket hats appropriate for the roaring 20s so that you get to take advantage of them while the weather is still rather chilly.

Next: Feathers will also be everywhere

While we’re on the topic of the 1920s; nothing marks the era more than a flowy dress with feathers. You’ll find this on a lot of garments the next couple of months, though, and not just on dresses – hats, sweaters, purses, and even tops will make you look like it’s finally your time to soar high.

Dresses and jumpsuits are, in general, still a big thing this spring, though, and you don’t have to go for the feathery version either. Keep them practical and cute, such as those from Petal and Pup playsuits and jumpsuits collection and you’ll be perfectly fashionable still.

Keep it neutral

Finally, you can always choose to steer clear of everything that involves hats and feathers completely and opt for plain, basic, and neutral clothing instead. Besides from trying to stay true to the 20s, the 2019 spring is also all about keeping it sleek and clean; suits, for example, are available in all styles for women, and you’ll definitely not go wrong by choosing something in white.

Basic and down to earth tones are perfect for this season so suit up if you prefer to keep it neutral. It’s kind of a refreshing change from all the pastel we usually see during springtime, though, and will make your wardrobe brighten up a bit nonetheless.

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