Techy Shortcuts: Office Security Ideas You Need To Know

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Most providers of high-tech security solutions always seem to be one step ahead of the security curve – as well they should be. Lately, the prevalence in the news of break ins, thefts and trespassing is on the rise, which means that businesses everywhere are stepping up their data and premises security to be better at what they do all round. Wherever you look, you’ll be presented with solutions that are covered in all the security bells and whistles that you could want, but often these come with a high price tag.

Your business may be green enough to not yet be making bank, which means you need to spend your security budget very carefully so that you can ensure that you get what you need, and not just the pretty systems that you want. Your business may benefit from investing in a gun detection system, where other businesses may not see the need. This works the same for obvious security cameras – other businesses prefer to keep those out of sight of possible perpetrators. With that in mind, here are some of the best office security ideas that you could implement for your business, keeping you and your people as safe as possible.

  • Electronic Visitor Management System. A lot of companies prefer to have a secretary or security guard on a front desk physically being the gatekeeper between the company and the outside world. If you choose to invest some money into an electronic visitor management system, you have an efficient way manage all persons that come into your office building. It can provide you with reporting and a data analysis of visitor activity, too. It also helps to encourage your business to ‘go green’, with a kiosk system instead of paper books.
  • Security Locks. You may already have locks on your front and back doors, but you could do one better and opt for the locks that only respond to Bluetooth or dedicated key fobs. RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags are a great option for a business, as are key cards. These types of technologically advanced locks are those that can be connected to an alarm system that you’ve installed.
  • Security Lights. A well-lit area is one where a criminal is less likely to damage property and break into a building. Your parking areas and outside walkways should be as lit as possible for your staff to feel safe in the evenings and during the winter months. Dark nights mean darker areas, but with motion-controlled security lights, your staff can feel secure and safe as they make their way to their cars at night. Provide the right lighting and your people won’t be at risk as they leave and arrive at your building.

Your company needs to be as secure as possible, and these office security ideas are ones that you need to know to successfully manage the security of your staff. Affordable office security is vastly improved with technology, and your office can benefit from the investment of good security systems.

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