5 Important Things To Know About Getting Around Dubai

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As a tourist destination, Dubai is right at the top of the luxury list. It’s known globally as the place to be for a high standard of living, no taxes on salaries and a wonderfully hot place to be year-round. The lifestyle is extravagant, with a myriad of things to do for couples, professionals and even families. It’s the place to be when you are craving a beautiful destination and pristine beaches that remain untouched, but bordered by some of the most breathtaking architecture around the world.

When you choose to visit Dubai for a break, you are choosing to visit a place that has everything you could want at the touch of a button. If you want to go to the huge shopping centres, they’re basically on your doorstep and you can pick up maps wherever you go. If you want to find out the best entertainment around, there are private concierge companies in Dubai that can arrange a town car and even a seaplane for you to go and see all the places you desperately want to see. Nothing is off limits when it comes to your comfort, but it does help to know how to see the magnificent sights on your own. You may choose to lounge in the luxury of those who can pick you up and take you wherever it is you want to go, but if you want to hop, skip and jump through Dubai yourself, here are some of the ways you can do that.

Dubai Metro. State of the art and even driverless, the Metro is clean, fast and efficient. You are not allowed to eat or drink on the Metro, and you will be fined if found out so it’s best to wait until you get off before you indulge. It’s not as extensive as it could be just yet, but plans are in place to widen the reach of the Metro.

Abras (Water Taxis). Simple, wooden and floating on the water, these water taxis are the perfect way to get around without getting stuck in the flow of traffic. They’re faster than you think, taking five to ten minutes to get to your destination.

Palm Jumeirah Monorail. A privately owned transport system, the Monorail was created to take tourists from one side of the palm to the other and it is currently linked to the Dubai Tram System. It’s a great way to get through the palm and the views themselves are worth a trip.

Dubai Tram. As mentioned above, the tram is connected to the Monorail and is also connected to the Metro stations. It’s a very modern transport option that provides fast access to the Dubai Marina and areas of Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Nol Cards. Every transport option needs a fast and efficient way to board and pay, enter the Nol cards. These smart cards can be used on any means of public transport and all you have to do is top up the card and go.

There are so many ways to travel around Dubai, and as long as you are aware of the options you can get wherever you need to go.

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