How To DIY Service Your Car Before A Big Road Trip

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Cars, while being undoubtedly useful in everyday life, can be a very dangerous aspect of life. Compared to say, 50 years ago, cars are now safer than ever. With car manufacturers coming up with new and improved ways of ensuring their cars are safer than ever, the worry from the consumers about anything going wrong has reduced, leading to less care when it comes to their car and servicing it. However, the car is still simply a machine, and it’s important to make sure that you’re regularly servicing it so that the worst doesn’t happen to you. Road trips are a common time for cars to display their issues, as they are pushed more to their limit than they would with every day. Saying that, why not take a look at these tips on how to DIY service your car before a big road trip, so that you can avoid these problems cropping up for you and your car!

  1. Have your tyres pumped up
    You can do this at pretty much any fuel station, and it costs next to nothing to ensure that your tyres are at the right PSI. You can check what level your tyres should be at either in the handbook that you’ve got for your car, or online. Not having your tyres pumped enough could lead to swerving on uneven roads which of course, could lead to a crash. For next to no cost, you’d be mad not to do it!

  2. Check your brakes
    Let’s face it, possibly one of the best safety features in your car. This is something that you should be doing regularly to ensure that you’re not in danger of not being able to stop in a safe manner. For this kind of check, you should always go for the best brake fluid tester, so that you can rest assured your brakes will have your back when you need it.

  3. Top up your oil
    Making sure that your car has enough oil is also essential for ensuring that your car runs as sweet as a nut. Oil lubricates the engine and absorbs the heat generated by it, so that the rest of the cars components can run without overheating. It’s super easy to check your oil level, as there are markers on the dipstick indicating where your oil level should be. Stores like halfords offer tailor made oil for your car, and it takes a matter of minutes to make any changes needed to your oil level!

  4. Check your windscreen fluid
    One of the most important things that a driver needs, is to be able to see clearly where they are going. Weather conditions, birds, trees and different terrains can cause your windscreen to become murky, or even completely smothered in dirt. Make sure that you’ve got enough windscreen fluid so that if and when your screen becomes dirty, you’re able to quickly and efficiently clean it away and continue driving safely.


Enjoy your road trip!

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