Does Your Retail Store Need A Makeover?

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When you first opened your retail store, everything may have looked fresh. You spent time working on both the exterior and interior, painting everything in attractive and friendly colours and organising your displays well. But with the passing of time, things may have changed. Your store is still operating on the high street, but customers may have stopped coming in. Aside from the online competition, your store may also be struggling against the other retailers on the same block as you. You probably resent coming into work as well, especially if profits are down, and your establishment just isn’t as fresh as it used to be.

To avoid retail bankruptcy, you need to bring your store into the modern world. Your store may need a makeover, and if you relate to any of the following, then it’s time to get to work.

  • Your store has become badly organised. Produce is stacked unevenly, items are poorly classified, and your shelving displays are now impractical or broken. You need to tour your store, put things right, and get to work on making your store manageable again for your poor customers.
  • Signage is faded, both on the outside and inside of your store. Wording is faint, colours have become muted, and those signs hanging overhead are a health and safety hazard waiting to happen. You need to replace the signs with something new or add fresh touches of colour to make everything readable again.
  • There is no more curb appeal. There is paint peeling off the woodwork, the windows are filthy, and the window display (if your customers can actually see through) is haphazard and boring to look at. You need to get to work immediately, tidy your exterior and paint it in bright and bold colours to attract passing customers.
  • Your store looks and feels old-fashioned. Perhaps your store was the happening place to be a few years ago, but in this age of interactive displays, wi-fi connectivity, and point of sales systems, your store may now be showing its age. Sorry granddad! It’s time to see how others are providing the modern touch, giving their customers a more immersive experience.
  • There is a lack of consistency. The colours on the outside are different to those on the inside. The font on your signage differs from sign to sign. The overall look of your store varies from area to area. This may be a deliberate design choice, but you may have neglected the sensory impact your store needs to offer. Use a colour palette, change the fonts, and take a walk up your high street to see how other stores may be doing things better than you.
  • Your store is unsafe. The flooring is uneven and damaged. Items for sale are perched precariously because you have no room to put them anywhere. There is water dripping from the roof. If your store really is a health and safety nightmare, it’s time to do something about it before you’re hit with legal action. Get your floor retiled, enhance your storage, and install new roofing systems before the whole thing falls in.

Focussing on our advice above, consider what relates to your store, and make the necessary changes needed. By doing so, you may well see an upsurge in custom again, as your customers realise your store is worth stepping into. We wish you every success.

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