Look Over Here! Smart Ways To Get Attention For Your Business

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Marketing is the activity of getting attention for your business, and that makes it a super valuable activity to engage in. After all, you will want to get your company’s name, brand, logo and products out there. With that in mind, read on to find out about some of the smartest ways to grab potential customers attention.

Provide freebies that they value

The effectiveness of this activity has been proved historically. Otherwise, all those can cozies, mouse mats, and baseball caps wouldn’t get made and distributed. However, to put a modern spin on offers freebies that potential customer will value why not consider doing this with content?

Yes, that is right providing informational content that is valuable to the consumer is a fantastic way of giving them something and establishing a positive relationship before they buy. It’s also way cheaper than providing actual physical items, and because it’s disseminated through the internet via video or written copy can reach many more people with a specialized interest in using your product, making it way more effective.

Hold an event

Next, for businesses that are looking to make a big splash why not hold an event to promote your brand and product? There are many different types of events that can work for this purpose including dinners, pop up shops, dances, fun days, festival and event sports events like 5 and 10Ks.

To make them as effective as possible, you need to ensure that you have a consistent brand presence through the event as well as having all the basics run without a hitch.

An event is a great way to get attention for your business.

To that end, make sure that you have someone experienced that is managing the event and dealing with things like porta potty rentals, catering, refreshments, and entertaining. After all, the idea is that you want people to associate the event with having and fun time and your product, and this certainly cannot happen if the basic infrastructure is not in place.

Entertain them

Last of all, even if you don’t throw an event for potential customers, you can still use entertainment as a way of gaining their attention. In fact, traditional radio and TV advertising, as well as online marketing provide much potential for doing this.

Of course, for it to be a success, it needs to be written out and thought through carefully beforehand. Although, it is worth noting that irreverent advertising where the audience is in on the joke has become more popular in modern times.

In fact, poking a little fun at the audience or your own company as these examples do, can work wonders of how the public perceives you. It can also help to positively influence whether they are willing to interact with your marketing material in the future, just ask KFC and their apology for having no chicken campaign.

You can even take this entertainment aspect a step further online. To do this create short web series or a game that get across information about your product while holding potential customer attention for longer periods of time. Something that XBox have obviously found useful by sponsoring the production cost of the Guild and allowing access on their platform. A show you can see a clip of below.


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