Woman Up! Here’s Why We’re Better Than Men In Business

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Even though we are now well into the 21st Century, there are still many women in business out there who continually have to try and prove themselves fit for the job. No matter how much you believe that we live in a truly equal society, it sadly seems that some people out still maintain that the business world is ruled by men. And this makes it increasingly difficult to get anywhere in their careers.

But that doesn’t mean that men are necessarily better in business than women. In fact, I’m pretty sure I know a few things that many women have the upper hand with. Take these for instance…


Women are renowned for being brilliant multitaskers. We can simultaneously browse all the Northern Mat rig mats for sale while also managing all the guys out on the building site. We can liaise with different departments while trying to figure out next year’s budget. We can keep an eye on the cakes in the oven while also serving people who walk into the bakery. No matter whether we are working in the construction industry or the hospitality industry, our multitasking comes seconds to no man.


We are also highly resilient. Often a lot more so than many men out there! And that’s because we’ve been fighting against the patriarchal rules of society for centuries. Even now, we have to constantly battle to show our worth to the world. So, that means that there won’t be any issue or upset in business that will be big enough to get us down. We’ll jump right up again, brush ourselves down, and get on with things!


Lots of scientific studies have proven that women are better communicators than men. That’s the reason we can adeptly manage a construction site full of workers or a large office full of employees. We are also very able problem solvers as well, and no potential problem is too big for us to resolve. Rather than getting argumentative or stressed out, we look for the root of the issue and act fast to resolve it before it gets out of hand.


Women are constantly told by their mothers and grandmothers to get out there and grab hold of all the opportunities and achievements that their older generations never had. Sure, men can be motivated too, but have they ever had to struggle as much as we have? Definitely not! So, when women are motivated and dedicated, they won’t give up for anything!

Logical And Emotional Thinking

Women are great at thinking both logically and emotionally, which is perfect for all industries in business. Whether you want to make it in construction, health services, or computer technology, your brain and way of thinking certainly won’t hold you back!

Hopefully, this blog post has shown you that us girls aren’t just the pretty faces in business. We have some great skills, knowledge, and experience, all of which can add up to make us a whole lot better than many men out there!

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