How To Open And Run A Successful Hotel

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Opening a hotel means a lot of responsibility will be placed on your shoulders, so you want to make sure that you’re doing it right. There are so many things that you need to be thinking about and in this article will be your ultimate must haves for opening and running a successful hotel.

First and foremost, you will need to choose whether you’re going to buy a property and renovate it into a hotel, or whether you’re going to build one from scratch. Whilst buying a property might seem cheaper in the long run, having the ability to design and plan out each room will give you more freedom into having rooms where you desire them to be. For example, if you’re choosing to provide a bar or restaurant service to your guests, having a new build will mean that you can choose where these rooms go. It will also mean that you can make sure that they layout of the hotel makes sense to your guests too. Nobody likes the idea of getting lost in a hotel, or things not being where you’d expect them to be.

If you are choosing to offer a food service, be sure to employ only the best chefs around so that the reputation of the food served will speak for itself. Running a hotel is fast paced business so unfortunately, people who are unsure of what to do should be avoided when you come to interviewing for the positions.

Unlike B&B’s, a hotel is often open 24/7 to allow your guests to come and go freely. This will mean that you will need at least one member of staff on reception at all times to make sure that if your guests need anything, or something goes wrong, that there is someone at hand to help resolve the problem. You will need to make sure that staff have access to anything your guests may request, and also emergency contact numbers if the electric, water, or gas suddenly fail.

Keeping the standards of hygiene up to scratch at all times is important for your guests, staff and reputation. Give your staff thorough training on the standards of cleaning that you expect to be upheld throughout the hotel, and demonstrate this to them too. You will need to hire cleaners to go into the rooms daily and clean them. This will include daily bed changing, the bathrooms being cleaned, a dusting and vacuuming.

Having somewhere safe and convenient to keep the room keys is important too. Your guests are trusting your hotel to store their belongings in, and also for them to be able to sleep safely too. Keep all of your room keys in one location to avoid any mishaps or worries for your guests. Always keep spares to each room too. A useful way of doing this is through a mechanical key system. This will allow staff to remove and replace keys using a fob that they are given. Keys won’t be able to be removed without this fob, so you and your guests can rest assured that there won’t be any break-ins. To read more on mechanical key systems, visit and see how having one could benefit your hotel business.

Making sure that your hotel is safe for all ages is important too, so make sure that your decor and ornaments aren’t dangerous in any way. For example, having a large plant pot at the top of some stairs could pose a tripping risk, or if it was accidentally knocked, anyone coming up the stairs would be at risk of harm. Be sure to check your flooring regularly for any loose floorboards, or ripped carpet to reduce the risk of any trips or falls. Keeping ornaments out of reach of small children will stop any breakages or accidents.

Provide handrails for stair ways for people who may struggle with balance (or if they have come back from the bar), as this will help them safely up the stairs. Another idea would be to provide a lift for your guests to easily navigate between the floors that they need to be on. This would be particularly useful for guests that are staying for a while and have a lot of luggage with them.

Having a fire escape plan for all guests and staff to be aware of is essential for ensuring that everyone that’s in your hotel stays safe. Display fire exits, and alarms at many different locations over your hotel. You should also provide a copy in the guest’s handbook in each room and ask all members of staff to run through fire procedure when a guest checks in.

Customer service is one of the most important parts of running a successful hotel. Make sure you give your staff full training and enforce great customer service. Having rude and unhelpful staff will increase the likelihood of someone giving your hotel a bad review; therefore decreasing your chance of having new guests stay in your hotel.

Even if you’re going with a rustic theme to your hotel, making sure that available amenities and machinery is up to date is important. For example, having a television in each room that can provide guests with multiple channels will allow them to be able to relax properly in their room. Providing free wifi for guests is also something that will please anyone visiting, especially those on business trips that may want to video call home, or do some work in their rooms.

Here’s some key points to remember:

  • Safety
  • Customer service
  • Up to date rooms
  • Hygiene
  • Consistency of quality

Now that you’re clued up on what running a successful hotel is about, you can begin applying these things to your plans (or your hotel if you already have one.) Don’t forget that the guest is the most important part of the business because if they weren’t there, there wouldn’t be a business. Good luck with opening your own hotel!

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