5 of the Top Attractions in Germany

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Germany hasn’t always had the best image abroad, but since the 2006 Football World Cup, things have changed. Germany is fast becoming one of the most exciting countries to visit in Europe, so it would be a shame to miss out on all it has to offer. If you’re considering Germany as your next vacation, you might want to plan ahead when it comes to seeing the sights and attractions. Here are some you shouldn’t miss.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Walking through Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate really is an experience. The majesty and elegance of the design is breathtaking. Standing and staring at the attraction is inspiring and you may walk away completive. It was built in 1791, so it’s the ideal site for Americans searching for longer history than that of the US. It was built for King Frederick William II and it was modeled on the Greek Acropolis. This iconic structure was also once part of the Berlin Wall and symbolized the divide between the East and West.

Neushwanstein Castle

When you imagine a fairytale castle in your mind, Neushwanstein will be exactly what you see. Straight out of something the Grimm brothers would write (who were also German incidentally), the castle offers a fantastical view. It’s placed in the old town of Fussen, which isn’t far from some of the most popular ski resorts in Ammergau. This castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s famous Disney castle and is perhaps, the most famous royal castle in the world. If you’re nearby, it’s certainly a sight not to be missed.

The Rhine Valley

The Rhine river extends from Switzerland, to Germany and through to the Netherlands. It’s one of the most beautiful and natural sights to behold and it’s also Europe’s most important waterway. You’ll find that the Rhine is a popular tourist attraction, but it also means that you’ll find lots of authentic German restaurants and pubs nearby, where you can taste the cuisine, learn German with the locals and get some insightful historical information.

Museum Island

If you want to know all you can about German history and culture, Museum Island or Museumsinsel to the locals, is where you need to be. You have the benefit of exploring four different kinds of museums. The Old Museum which holds some of the royal treasures and the New Museum which houses works of art and antiquity. You then have the National Gallery and the Bode Museum. There is so much to see here that you may need to separate your visits into two different days.

King’s Lake

King’s Lake, also known as Konigssee is near Salzburg. If you enjoy peaceful walks and breath-taking scenery, this is somewhere you must visit. It’s full of beautiful footpaths where travelers can really experience the best that Germany has to offer. Why not take a boat trip along the lake and relax on the water with a glass of wine? There’s nothing quite like the sense of peace you’ll get.

Don’t kick Germany off the bucket list until you’ve seen what it has to offer.

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