6 Tips For City Hopping On A Budget

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There’s nothing more exciting than planning a big trip and stuffing in as many sights as you can while you’re at it. Trawling the travel brochures and heading online to look at the attractions for each place you want to trek to is fun, but it can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t quite decided where you want to go. Vacations come in so many shapes and sizes, from skiing adventures to beach breaks to backpacking across the cities – the choices can feel unlimited. One of the best vacations you could ever hope to go on involve packing a bag with the basics, and hitting the cities to see the most impressive attractions around.

City hopping is a favourite for students – even though a trademark of students is to pinch as many pennies as humanly possible! The whole idea of travelling light, visiting all the places you could stamp into your memory while young and gain some experiences in new cities is one that is so popular with many young people. When it comes to seeing the sights of the cities, you have to travel smart and pack light while you maximise every experience you could have. The best part about city hopping? You are the one making the rules. There are some things you have to do first, including plotting your route and pricing up how you want to travel. So, take on board these six tips and make your city hopping vacation one of adventure!

  1. Bus It! One of the cheapest methods of travel that allows you to see scenery you may not have thought possible is the bus. You can map a route using websites like this one and plan out your ticket costs. You can use this personal finance website as a contingency amount should you require a last minute switch to the train or need a flight to get somewhere. Travel is always a pricey side of travelling, and it’s important to plan things out in advance so you can make savings where possible.
  2. Wear Your Bed. If you aren’t objected to it, wearing a backpack with a tent and a roll up mattress is perfect for seeing the sights. Booking into hostels wherever you go is a cheap option for a bed for the night when you see the cities, but having a tent on your back gives you the chance to camp out in the open air if the urge takes you.
  3. Step On. Taking the bus between the cities you want to see is one way to travel long distance, but wherever you go after that should always be on foot so you can get a real feel for the area you are in. It may be tempting to hop in a taxi from place to place, but you could put your money to better use without having to pay extra fares or tipping costs.
  4. Avoid Tourist Traps. It’s nice to see the main attractions where you visit, but pay attention to the locals. Eat where they eat, go where they go. You’ll find so many winding roads off the beaten track which will give you a real feel for the city you are in. Take advantage of the free excursions and museums, as well. You can soak up so many different attractions if only you pay attention to where you are!
  5. Pack Snacks. Depending on the length of time you will be travelling, packing your snacks for your journey can save you money on the road. You can pack protein or granola bars at a low cost and while they do take up some space in your backpack, you will save yourself some money on the road.
  6. Hostel-A Vista. If you can, research hostels that have kitchens. Camping and living out of cafés isn’t for everyone and if you have a kitchen in your accommodation, you can go self-catering with your food. Some of the best hostels even offer free breakfast, which is a lovely little money saver!

City hopping isn’t for everyone, but if you are hungry for adventure and need to see the world, it can be done on a budget and you can pack your memories up with it. There’s nothing so fulfilling as getting down and dirty with travel, and while a luxury vacation is never to be turned down, behaving like a local wherever you are can give you a more real and raw experience than you could have hoped.

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