You’re Hired! The Art of Hiring the Right Employees

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If you are a business owner, you will be only too aware how important it is that you hire the right employees for your company. However, this is a task that is often easier said than done. Getting your hiring process right is one of the biggest challenges for any company, but it is one that is worth taking your time over. A constant turnover of staff causes you to waste a huge amount of resources, which could easily be invested in more worthwhile areas. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the art of hiring the right employees.

Look For Someone Who is Committed

If someone has flitted around from job to job on a regular basis, your have a pretty good idea that they may not be 100 percent committed to your company. Ultimately, you want people who see your company as a good career move and one in which they are committed to developing. Some background checking for employment can help to give you the answers you are looking for. If you do decide to invite someone in for interview who has moved jobs on a regular basis, it is worth asking them about this up front to find out their explanation.

Test For Learning and Analytical Skills

Your first measure of learning and analytical skills will obviously be found in the candidate’s resume, but this won’t necessarily give you the complete picture. When it comes to the interview stage, try to ask questions that will catch them out and make them think rather than standard stock responses that they have probably prepared well in advance. You could also give some kind of bespoke test that deals with the key skills you are looking for.

Make Sure They Are Compatible with Your Company

Ultimately, you could have an extremely skilled employee in a number of fields, but if you don’t think they will fit in with your company’s culture, they may not be the right person for the job. Social skills are also extremely valuable alongside the other things you are looking for, so make sure you don’t underestimate this. You can find out from the references they offer about how well they rank in this regard.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Whether you handle the entire hiring process yourself or you outsource this to an HR team, it is important that you are always looking for ways to streamline your operation. Make sure that your job vacancy advertisement is as detailed as possible, listing all required education, experience and skills. Look for new ways that people can apply for jobs to your company such as through their smartphones. Get other people involved in the process as it always helps to have a second opinion.

Look for People with Potential

It is all well and good hiring a fantastic candidate, but if they have no loyalty to your company, they may not stick around for long. Sometimes, it is a good idea to hire someone who has less experience, but is very keen to learn.  

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