Summer Fashion Tips For The Classy Businesswoman

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Going to work in the same old black and white outfit can get mundane. Granted it’s the typical status quo option, also known as the ‘can’t go wrong’ option. But spring and summer play havoc with your imagination. You can feel that little butterfly in your mind is wanting to be free and spread its wings. The stylish professional woman look originates from the metropolitan scene as women around London and Paris became more involved in businesses.

Sartorial elegance

When it sartorial elegance, there’s nothing that quite frees your expression than choosing clothes that fit your style and personality. Work doesn’t always have to be serious, and so it’s recommended that you step out of the monochrome box, and experiment with different colors. Brighter and lighter colors go well with silver jewelry and sparkling gemstones. Watch or bracelet jewelry can sometimes get tucked behind a cufflink, and if your hands are plain you can buy tacori rings online to help you sparkle in the boardroom. Business dress is not a uniform, although it may be a dress code. But unwritten rules are there to be broken. Rather than a black stretch pencil skirt, you should go for a high waist riding indigo blue hip-hugging skirt. And since it’s summer and new tulips are blooming, replace your white shirt with a peach cotton loose fitting smart dress shirt.  

Le Chic

Floral print wide-legged trousers were a hit in the 1970s, but in capital cities around the world, strong professional women still wear them. Chino trousers don’t look out of place in the office and are made from a lightened fabric specially designed for women in crowded cities. Temperature builds up on public transport, so this kind of fashion item is perfect for ladies on the move.

A shirt dress is designed to be snugly at the waist and flares outward at the hemline. With the support of a waist high leather belt, the shirt hangs loose, and most high-end shirt dresses are made purely out of cotton so don’t flap around in the wind. A pure white or multicolored striped shirt borrows the look of nautical and beachwear styles. Designs made by No Peep, have hidden pockets at thigh height and hidden buttons that prevent a gap from opening; this measure maintains the woman’s modesty even in the harshest of rogue winds.


Swap out your black or gray business blazer for something a little less serious. A Dorothy Perkins ivory pique jacket goes well an orange tapered or wide-legged trouser. Blazers during the summer period should be made from a lighter fabric and breath as you do. A navy blue blazer that’s made from a delicate blend of fabrics, that has a straight cut style will fit loosely on the wearer, providing full range of movement without fear of ripping the clothing. There are double breasted, long sleeves styles out there that are catered more toward the slimmer body. This kind of style is the most practical as it features two side pockets with usually with flaps and also a notched lapel. The interior is sometimes lined with silk to support ventilation of the item.

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