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Spring is here! I love everything about spring. The colors, Easter candy, and, of course, the weather. Living in South Florida always feels fun and fresh especially because of the color palettes we can get away with down here. Lately, my goal has been to up my shoe game and have gladly accepted the challenge to pick the perfect heel for every outfit. The heels that you see below are my favorite because it adds a bit of unpredictability and fun to any outfit. I can dress my looks up or down just as long as I pair these heels with my wardrobe, and it gives it the perfect touch. If you know me, then you know that blazers are my go to and recommend  purchasing signature blazers in neutral colors to combine with your looks. You can dress them however you want and can make them work pretty much for all occasions. This white blazer is one of my favorite pieces to combine with my outfits. I love taking a fun dress, grabbing my white blazer and taking a fun heel to finish the look. You can use many color combinations for spring, So live it up! My goal this spring is to step out of my comfort zone and play with bright colors while keeping a clean simple esthetic. Do you have any fashion goals this spring?

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