What Does Your Watch Say About You?

When I was hanging out with my girlfriends, I asked for the time and they all reached for their cell phones. But I noticed that 3 out of 5 were wearing watches. In this day in age, the watch has become a different type of necessity. It’s a wonderful accessory that if worn right, can put the finishing touch on your outfit. The biggest fashion blunder I see people make is wearing a watch that doesn’t fit the overall purpose of an outfit. When I’m coaching soloprenuers and creatives, one of the most important things they want to get a grasp of, is their fashion sense to reflect a strong, powerful, and beautiful woman. And when it comes to the conversation of what type of watch they should wear to reflect their style, all I get are confused looks. The watch is an accessory that will always be timeless and if worn right, can take your look and give it the perfect touch.

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What happens when the watch we own isn’t fit for purpose? You may be leaving the house for the gym, work or an evening out with loved ones. Whatever the occasion, you will not have a watch suitable for all three of them. As a watch lover, you should carefully consider how you intend to wear any watch. A casual watch may reflect everyday wear while a sports watch will contain lots of features.

 There are plenty of different types of watches, some for different occasions that you can choose from. What does your watch say about you?

 Your Everyday Watch: Sports and Divers Watches

 Gym bunnies will be au fait with this kind of watch. Most sports watches are made from durable materials, such as plastics and rubbers. This makes the strap and watches face extremely strong, flexible and resistant to the elements. Most sports watches contain a variety of different features, depending on how you want to use the watch. Sports watches may include GPS or can be connected to your smart phone. These watches are great for exercising, but not so good if you are heading out for a romantic candlelit meal.

Like sports watches, they are extremely tough. So they should be, most divers can get down to quite a depth when underwater and the watch will need to withstand that water pressure. They are a must for girls that love to hit the pool. These watches are built to last and are made from man-made materials. They may not look the prettiest, but do perform well under pressure. Again, like a sports watch they are not the best choice if being worn at more civilized events. There have been some developments to diver’s watches, and they are starting to become more pretty.

 Contemporary Chic: Chronograph Watches

 These watches are very popular and mostly come in gold. Gold watches for women are a classic. They are chunkier in their design and are akin to a boyfriend-style watch. But, they are a must for those among us who don’t like anything too sleek. The chronograph watch is a balanced watch that can be worn in a number of different occasions. From the office to bar, it’s the perfect watch all round. This is my  favorite type of watch to wear. You don’t need much to make a statement.

 A Vintage Affair: Pocket Watches

 These are a real classic, and it is a shame we do not see them being used more. These watches were always worn by gentlemen. However, you can find a huge variety of styles available for women. After all, androgynous style is back for 2015. What’s more, they are perfect for quirky girls. Most pocket watches come in two distinct styles. The first is the full hunter, which is similar to a locket where a face must be opened to see the time. The second is the half hunter, where the watch face can be viewed without the need to open a locket style face. Pocket watches are ideal for those fancier occasions and black-tie events. These are an alternative to the classic watch and a must for any fashion forward woman. It is not only the type of watch that you have to consider when picking out a watch for an occasion, the watch face will always play a part too. I like to give these type of watches as gifts because they are signature pieces that definitely make statement.  And if you want to go the extra mile, when giving it as a gift get something special engraved on the back.

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