about-1about-yellow-2Hi, I’m Andrea. I’m a TV host by day, ninja by night. What else can I add to that list? Oh yeah! I’m a creative coach and lifestyle blogger. I started Media-Gypsy a couple of years ago because I had the urge to write about all of the experiences, lessons, randomness and adventures I encounter – especially with my on-the-go career and lifestyle as a TV reporter. When I try to explain what Media-Gypsy is all about, all I can say is, “Entertainment for the Wandering Soul”! Then I started getting calls from people who wanted to hire me for coaching and brainstorming sessions on how they could take their message and brand  to the masses.


I’ve always been a bit of a wanderer, jumping from one adventure to the next, which could account for my fascination with the arts and how I’ve wanted to do everything and be everything. “Jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind. I was a party starter in my early days. Ever seen one of those gals wearing a tacky glitter vest, pumping up the crowd at Bar mitzvahs? Yep, that was me, doing the electric slide with awkward 16-year olds. In my later years, I was an NFL Cheerleader, choreographer, spokesperson, food stylist and the list goes on and on. My ultimate calling was TV host/reporter. So yep, I guess I’m a wandering soul and have accepted that I have the attention span of a grasshopper.


In my line of work, I wear many hats: from hosting sporting events to red carpets, live TV and public speaking. Then, I promptly switch gears to work on my boutique consulting business, which specializes in talent, media communications and personal development. There’s a little glitz and glamour that comes with the territory but for the most part it’s a non-stop, no sleep, eat later type of industry…but I love it!

Media-Gypsy has become the place where I go to escape, to connect, find balance and perspective on the everyday things. I also help multi-passionate creatives find their spark as thought leaders in their industry. I coach them on their image, voice and brand ready for the spotlight. It’s where I write about my not-so-glamorous experiences being a creative entrepreneur and the many lessons learned along the way. It’s my little corner where I can share behind the scenes interviews with 6’9” hockey players and style tips, while trying to look put together for the camera – it’s all smoke and mirrors ladies (insert giggle here).


I’ve met the most amazing people who constantly inspire and motivate me, and it all started with a blog. Ultimately, Media-Gypsy is a little cyber corner in the world where I want to empower, inspire, motivate, and entertain creatives looking to make a difference with the gifts they have to offer.  It’s where amazingly talented creatives reach out for guidance on how to best brand themselves for the world to take notice. It’s where I take trailblazers and thought leaders and give them a map on how to conquer their world one microphone check at a time.

If this is your first time here, than welcome!


life-philosophy-header“I want to wake up each day knowing that I’m surrounded by people who inspire me. I have a passion for expression & creativity. I find joy in the discovery of the many layers of myself, even if I find something unpleasant. This journey is about growing and being excited each day about learning. I don’t seek notoriety; I seek growth, even if it’s putting myself out there for others to judge. It’s the most humbling and terrifying experience all at the same time.”

daily-reminder-header“If a million doors slam in your face I say make your own door and paint it red and bigger than all your neighbors.”


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