Adding Some Vintage Charm to Your Store or Restaurant

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Vintage decor styles are coming back into fashion and what better way to celebrate it than to transform your store or restaurant into a vintage paradise. In this article, we’re going to take you through our interior design time machine and show you a handful of ways that you can add some vintage touches to your existing business for a nostalgic and unique touch.

What is vintage style about?

Before we delve into our tips, let’s talk a bit about what “vintage” really means.

Far too many people consider vintage to just mean using antiques and really old and worn-looking furniture, but that’s actually not the case. Vintage is all about rustic charm and nostalgic designs. It’s about using one-off items that don’t necessarily fit thematically outside of being from around the same time period where interior designers were more open to experimentation.

Nowadays, we’ve introduced concepts such as color theory and moods into interior design to help explain things more easily. Vintage, on the other hand, is all about the old-school feeling of using slightly worn statement pieces and evocative furniture that takes you back to an era of fun and creative designs.

So without further ado, here’s how you can add a bit of vintage character to your business.

Use wood–lots of it

One of the best things about wooden furniture is that it ages naturally and develops beautifully over time. As long as it’s not molding and deteriorating, it’s perfect for your vintage needs and you should consider using it. Mix and match furniture made from wood, use reclaimed wood panels for flooring, create shelves from old wooden pallets and stay away from those “fake” wooden furniture pieces that are just plastic covered in some kind of vinyl sticker.

Wooden furniture is incredibly charming. It has plenty of history to it, it’s incredibly durable and it can look absolutely stunning when mixed with other types of wood. No matter if it’s a picture frame, chair, shelf or coffee table, make use of wood for that perfect vintage feel.

Make use of statement pieces

You always want to have some kind of statement piece that truly defines what your personal tastes are. Whether it’s a large vintage sofa, a large chandelier or even an old decorative statute, don’t be afraid to add in something that truly feels retro and vintage even if it takes up a lot of space in business.

If you have multiple sections in your business such as private dining rooms or areas for different products, you could add unique statement pieces to each one to make the areas feel more personalized, interesting and fun.

Pick plenty of furniture and decor pieces with patterns

Patterns were all the rage back in the day and if you truly want to capture the essence of vintage design then you absolutely need to consider using some vintage prints. They don’t need to be incredibly clean or complex either; simple polka dot patterns, stripes and geometric shapes make for excellent wallpapers, upholstery and even decorative pictures.

Be as expressive as you like when it comes to patterns and prints. There are no rules here and as long as you enjoy the look that you’ve achieved, there’s nobody that can tell you otherwise!

Don’t be afraid to mix colors and styles

Vintage interior design is all about throwing away your fears and learning to embrace your expressive and experimental side. Wallpapers with unique designs, mixing and matching patterns on your upholstery or even using clashing colors for furniture pieces; these are all ideas that harken back to the exploratory roots of vintage design and it’s important to embrace these concepts if you truly want to transform your home into a vintage masterpiece.

The golden rule here is to stop using modern design sensibilities as a guideline. Instead, if you think that something is “a little bit gaudy”, then you’re on the right track and should continue pushing those styles so that you can embrace your vintage side.

Final words

While there are many different ways to build your business, we believe that adding a stylistic touch is a fantastic way to truly bring out the design potential of your store or restaurant and a vintage theme is both simple and affordable to achieve. So why not head down to a local furniture store instead of buying from big-name corporate brands and get a little more creative with your interior design? At the end of the day, it’s all about reflecting your personality.

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