Simple Troubleshooting Tips Everyone Should Know!

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There is nothing more annoying than coming to a halt with a project because of a silly little issue on the computer. When we come up against an issue such as a slow moving computer or a sticky screen, it can stop us being able to do everything we would normally and this can be a big issue for us. This is why today we are going to run through some of the ways that we can troubleshoot and make life much easier for all of us.

Free up RAM

RAM is a term for the memory we have on our computers and it is something which can have a big impact on the way that we work online. If you want to avoid calling for, you can use RAM as a tool to help make the computer run easily. For example if you have a slow moving machine make sure to open your task manager and see which programmes are using the most memory. If you can close some of these then you will have a better working computer right away. Watch out, Google Chrome is one of the biggest culprits for using memory!


When a programme you are using suddenly becomes very slow or freezes, the best thing you can do is turn it off and on again. A lot of the time the issue will be minor and it could simply be something to do with the process getting stuck. Rebooting the app should allow it to run smoothly once again.

Check the network

When you go on google chrome and see that famous little dinosaur you know that something isn’t right with your computer. The best thing you can do here is head to your network settings in the control panel and make sure you are connected. If so, turn the router off, wait for a minute, and turn it on again. It should reset and be back to full use.


If you are having a lot of issues with the running of your machine, sometimes the best thing you can do is restart the computer completely and start fresh. This will allow the computer to start up fresh once again and it will make your life a lot easier as a result.

Update it

Now and again you might notice that your computer just isn’t working as responsive as it once was and this can make it harder to be as efficient in your work. However, a lot of the time the cause of this will be that the computer is due an update and you haven’t authorised it yet. When you come across a slow computer make sure to check in your settings if there is an update available. If so, make sure to save all of your work and update it, allowing the computer to restart. Your machine will be perfect by the time it’s back online and you’ll be able to complete all of your tasks in much less time.

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