Fantastic Fundraising Ideas For Your Non-Profit Organization

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Like many other businesses, non-profit organizations are born out of passion and love. That being said, the financial goals do differ significantly. Although both ventures must make money, all that you raise will go towards keeping your non-profit alive and then the cause close to your heart. Because of this, it’s even more important that you find ways to bring in more donations. With that in mind, here are six fantastic fundraising ideas for your non-profit organization.

  1. 50/50 Raffle

A raffle is a relatively inexpensive fundraising idea. All you usually need to do is purchase a book of raffle tickets and a prize. With a 50/50 raffle, you wouldn’t even need to buy the latter, as the winner of the raffle would simply receive half of the money raised from ticket sales. This can avoid the trouble of finding an appropriate and appealing prize and can save you money too.

  1. Charity Auction

With the right prizes on the line, an auction can be one of the most successful fundraising events out there. Donors won’t be able to resist contributing to your worthy cause if they’re to get something great in return. For this reason, you should start planning your charity auction well in advance. This gives you plenty of time to contact people and organizations for prize donations.

  1. Engraved Bricks

Brick fundraising is a tactic where donors give a certain amount to receive engraved bricks. These bricks are then used for a wall, walkway, or another surface, either indoors or outdoors. Although this tactic did seem to fall out of favor some time ago, in recent years, it’s become popular again. You just have to make sure that you have somewhere these brick can go.

  1. Bake Sale

Selling baked goods is a traditional fundraising idea, and a fun one at that. Everyone can get involved, no matter how young or old you may be. You could bake cookies, muffins, and brownies yourself or ask others to bring their own items. Either way, as long as you advertise the event well, you should see plenty of donations. No one can resist a tasty treat, after all.

  1. Custom T-Shirts

Creating your own t-shirts to sell does seem a complicated idea. However, it’s actually much easier than most imagine. There are many websites that allow you to create and order simple designs. You could even make your own with fabric paint and a stamper. Make sure that you have a decent size range and then put your t-shirts up for sale online and at fundraising events.

  1. Sports Tournament

Any sort of sport can put the fun in fundraiser. As long as you choose a sunny day for your event, it can be enjoyable for whole families. There are many different sports that you could choose from, such as golf, soccer, and running. You can charge a small fee for participation and provide other donation opportunities to attendees, including many of those already mentioned above.


Hopefully, with the advice above, you can raise more money for your non-profit.


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