A Style For A Lazy Summer Evening

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So it’s that time of the year again where the days are longer, the skies are brighter and you can take on the style of less is more. The summer is an amazing time to try out new styles and be more adventurous. What better excuse do you need than the hot sun beating down on you to wear clothes that are light, airy and flatter your figure? What do you like more, the summer mornings or the evenings? If we’re honest we love the evenings more because it’s when we’re off from work, we can chill out in the backyard, have a barbecue and not try so hard in our outfit but still look chic. It’s where we get to effortlessly wear our summer evening clothes and adorn a style that is inherently relaxed and laid back. If need inspiration in this manner, look no further.

Ready for the noon

Summer isn’t always about wearing a little as possible, sometimes the most elegant person is the one who knows how to wear more flowing clothes and still not look out of place. This is why the summer cardigan is making a comeback. It’s always been floating around the sides and sometimes gets the limelight in the fashion world, but it’s more so going to be worn in the evening. It’s also a brilliant piece of clothing to wear in the afternoon. You can get all kinds of cardigans that are made for summer but look for those that are made from 100% cotton and come in pastel shades. Black and grey are okay, but you should look for something in pink, yellow or even red. A cardigan can also be see-through but you should get these in synthetics to make them last longer.

Free to move as you please

Not everyone is going to be comfortable wearing a skirt for summer but the great thing about summer is that you can wear a lot of alternatives instead. One of the more popular choices is Leggings because there are certain kinds which are slightly thicker but are cut just below the knee. They therefore provide both the full range of movement but they also keep you cool at the same time. Cotton especially is one of the more popular materials, but nylon is also great as both materials allow the skin to breathe. Unlike many other summer clothes, you can get these in various colors without disjointing your outfit. Try out khaki green or a sandy beige to go with your top.

Keeping a cool head

The relentless sun can damage your hair if it’s exposed for long, so something in the way of accessories to fix this is needed. As part of your more laid back summer style, make room for a wicker summer sun hat. Large and lightweight, it’s great for when you’re just sitting down at a cafe or outside in your garden having a light dinner.

]Many people want to dress to impress in summer, but all that can be too much fuss. Instead you should decide on your more laid back summer outfits and take on a different approach.


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