Uber Simple Leadership Hacks Anybody Can Follow

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According to conventional wisdom, you’re either born a leader or not. For people that fall into the latter category, there is bound to be some anxiety when you land a management role. All of a sudden, you’re the boss and have to lead by example, which is tricky when there isn’t a leadership bone in your body.

Some people fake it to make it, yet it’s easy to spot an impostor, or is it?

Sure, you might not turn into a Winston Churchill-type figure that inspires sweat, blood, and tears, but you can still get employees onside. Below are uber simple hacks to use to hit your targets.

Do What You Say You’re Going To Do

Part of what makes certain bosses hard to trust is their failure to follow through. They say one thing and do another, and then they expect people to take their advice. It’s easy to see why workers rebel when a manager breaks their promises. Doing what you say you are going to do is an excellent way to prove that you’re a person of your word. Employees respect that. Also, it helps build your self-esteem. Slowly but surely, after a couple of small victories, you’ll begin to feel as if you are a leader.

Avoid Public Confrontation

Because you’re new to the role, it’s tempting to assume that you need to make an example. Then, everyone will understand who’s in charge. However, a show of strength is often a weakness in the eyes of the staff. They will see through the ploy and lose respect for your ability to lead. Plus, you can alienate an entire group of people by yelling at one person. When a dressing down is necessary, do it but do it behind closed doors. There’s nothing worse for morale than shaming somebody publically.

Pass The Buck

The buck stops with you because you’re in charge, but it’s only the outcome. How you get to that point won’t be an issue as long as the results are positive. With that in mind, it’s important to offload as many of your duties as much as possible. If this means hiring managed services for IT purpose from a third party, that’s the move. The same applies when you lean on subordinates too. While some see it as laziness, it’s an effective way to clear the clutter and tackle the major parts of your job. Plus, it will give you time to understand your team better and become a bona fide leader.

Be Flexible

An occupational hazard of having power is the desire to monopolize it. Part of being a leader is putting your methods and ideas into play. What great bosses do best is this – they remember to be flexible. Asking workers to do things one way gets boring and annoying. There’s nothing worse than micromanaging. Opening up to thoughts from the staff and giving them the green light will make them trust you more.

All it takes is the strength to listen and admit (privately) you were wrong.

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