Making Sure Your Car Is Road Trip Ready

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Taking a road trip can be one of the best things you ever do. With nothing but the road in your eye line and a dream of places to come, you should have no cares in the world as you set out on your adventure. So, with that in mind, we should discuss the importance of making sure that your car is ready for such a long journey. You can’t hit the road with a dodgy car, Jack. So here are some ways that you can prepare your car for the trip ahead.

Before You Leave

There are many things that you should check before setting off on your journey, and here is a breakdown of those things. First of all, you should check the liquids that your car needs such as oils, breaks and windshield wiper. All of these are important and you should not cut corners no matter how tedious you might find the work. Just as one example, if your windshield wiper fluid is low or missing then you won’t be able to keep on top of the dirt that will appear on your journey thus harming your visibility.

You might want to consider doing a brief home service on your vehicle. Some of the things to do if you do want to do a thorough check before you leave – which is recommended – include checking your tire pressure and pumping up as necessary and check your brakes so to avoid any problems on the road. While you’re checking your tire pressure, you should also make sure that the tread depth is road worthy so that you don’t end up needing to change your wheels halfway through your trip.
Finally, before you leave make sure you get a thorough car wash. Dirt can cause your car all sorts of problems such as erosion to the bodywork and similar. This isn’t just important for the health of your car but also your own comfort. You’re going to be spending a long time in the car so make sure it is clean inside and out when you set off, maybe get yourself some custom car air fresheners to keep the vehicle smelling nice on your journey.

Things To Pack

Aside from your own personal belongings, you will need to pack things for your car – a survival kit if you will. Some of the things to include a toolkit with pliers and a hammer, a flashlight and a variety of wrenches and screwdrivers.

Important tools to include in your car survival kit include cables to jump start your car, spare warm clothing in case of a breakdown and most importantly of all, your driver information including your insurance plan and any cover that you have.


Even though you have done your checks, it doesn’t hurt if you have the space to include a tire pressure checker and spare fluids. Oh and don’t forget any music you want for your journey, we’re talking about preparing the car but you still need to make the journey comfortable for you.


Hitting The Road


Now it is time to get the journey moving. Once you know that your car is in good shape and it is clean from head to toe then you can be assured of a good journey ahead. Some final preparation tips for you include doubling down on your plan. What that means is don’t just rely on a digital navigation system, make sure that you have a spare map in the care and use it to cover yourself in case the Sat Nav cuts out or goes off kilter.


In addition, you might want to consider using different applications to assist you on your journey and guide you where you need to go. If that is something you plan on doing, ensure that you have a charger cable and the necessary adapter so that you can charge your device while you drive.


One final tip is to schedule regular pit stops on your route. You will want to get to your destination as soon as possible without doubt, and that is a good strategy to have. But making sure that you are taking the time to stretch your legs and keep yourself fed is just as important to the success of your journey. You have done all the prep to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy, now make sure that you are also by scheduling stops to prevent driver fatigue or wandering minds.

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