Making Money in the Digital World

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Opportunities to make money online are growing at a rate of knots. These days there are so many different ventures on the internet that you might say it harder to avoid making some extra cash. If you are in the market for somewhere to improve your bank balance from something small to pay for a holiday or larger investments, here are some ideas for you to get money from the digital world.

Gig Economy

The gig economy is affording people from all around the world the opportunity to use their skills and abilities to make money on a freelance basis. Websites like Fiverr have been created with the sole intention of allowing writers, designers, musicians and any number of other people with a service to offer the ability to sell their time. The money you make from a gig economy style job really comes down to how much time you’re willing to put in. Projects come in different sizes and, depending on your skill or knowledge, with different purposes. The previously mentioned website and its competitors offer a broad range of opportunities, but there are more specialized services out there if you have a particular skill or experience to share.


If you can write, then there are opportunities for days out there on the world wide web for you. One of those is creating your own or joining an existing blog. For this generation, content is king so if you can be a provider of said content then you can be making some extra cash in minutes. Starting your own blog is easy, however increasing traffic is much harder. You might want to take on side projects on to build up a reputation on popular blogs so that you can create a reader base. Once you have that you can start to make money through your own blog.


There are many elements to crowdfunding. For starters, there is the familiar funding of ideas. If you have a proposal for a project, a product or pretty much anything then looking websites like Kickstarter for financial assistance is a good idea. There are people out there who are looking to help you succeed and will part with their hard earned money, sometimes for rewards in return, in order to give you a boost. Once again, popularity might just play a part here so getting some name or brand recognition is a must.

Alternatively, you might want to be an investor and that is where websites like Fundrise come into play. They will help you be part of a wider team of crowdfunders to invest in different opportunities, in this case real estate. If you want to find a way to get in the property game, but financially that isn’t currently viable then a crowdfunding investment group may be the way to go.

Those are just three of the ways that you can make the internet work for you, so get out there and turn your computer into a cash machine.

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