How to Upgrade Your Weekend Plans

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How to Upgrade Your Weekend

Your weekend is a coveted bit of time where you get to put the stresses and hardships of your nine to five week to one side and enjoy some quality time for yourself. The only problem with this is that after such long working days, using your weekend to do something fun can feel like more effort than it is worth and the temptation to slouch on the sofa to binge watch more television becomes all too tempting. What you need are some great ideas to motivate yourself out of the slump, and start making the most of life once again. To get you started, this handy guide will give you three ideas to help you feel happier and get all that you possibly can out of the glorious weekend.

Embrace some fresh air

An incredibly simple idea for the weekend, but one that will get you on the right track, is to go for a walk first thing in the morning. There are many benefits of going for a morning walk that make it an appealing choice to kick off your free time, such as giving you energy throughout the day, having the time to plan the day and reflect on the week just past, or even just clear your mind and de-stress a little bit. The reconnection with nature and the fresh air are worthy causes to forgo the extra lie in but will also be highly motivational in making you want to do more with your free time as, once you return from your walk, you will no longer feel like going back to bed.

Get out and do something awesome

During your days, you need something that is going to get you out of the house and having fun. One option is to visit and commit to attending a fun event where you can let your hair down. Going to see a sporting match with your favorite team, taking in some culture with a theatre show, or perhaps going for a chilled afternoon or evening at a music concert will all leave you buzzing and excited for what you can do next weekend.

Bring back a taste of summer

Finally, cooking is a wonderful way to spend your free time doing something productive and family orientated. As the colder weather of winter begins to take hold, why not bring back the essential tastes of summer by making some of these great recipes for the grill that you can do in your indoor oven? Decide on some ideas you like the sound of, such as sumptuous coconut-grilled corn on the cob, spicy salt and pepper grilled shrimp skewers, or even tangy lemon and lime chicken and cook a whole menu for you and your family to enjoy at dinner time. The great thing about this idea is that it could be the beginning of a highly enjoyable hobby as well.

Injecting some extra fun into your weekend doesn’t mean you have to do something radical but rather find simple things you really enjoy and make the effort to do them.

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