Crafting The Perfect First Date Look

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The problem with first impressions is that (altogether now), you only get to make one. That’s why we get so nervous at job interviews, so bamboozled by auditions, so perplexed by presentations and of course so befuddled by first dates. We have only a limited window of time in which to convince someone who has the potential to literally change our lives of the sort of people we are and why we represent a worthy investment for them. Worse still, it’s estimated that it only takes 7 seconds for us to formulate our first impression of someone. Yup, that’s right, we have a little longer than it takes the average person to sneeze to show someone everything they need to know about us to want to get to know us better.

This means that no matter how well you compose yourself on a first date, your presentation plays an immutable part. Sure, looks aren’t everything and we are so much more than what’s on the surface but the simple fact is that it’s human nature to judge by outward appearance. After all, it’s how we evolved. We learned what foods to eat, which animals to hunt and which people we could trust by looking at them. With this in mind, here are some tips to create a look that makes the right first impression on your first date…

Dazzle with diamonds

If you want to appear classy and formidable on your first date there’s no better way to do this than by adding a little sparkle to your ensemble. Diamonds are a great way to subtly hint that you’re a classy lady whose attentions they’ll have to work for. Check out for some information on how to make diamonds of different types and colors to pop in the right settings. They really are a girl’s best friends.

Say hi with your shoes

Never underestimate the importance your shoes make on a first impression. The right ones can really set off a look while the wrong ones can coarsen one. Your shoes can change your height, the way you stand and the way you walk. Just make sure that you’re also comfortable. And unless you’ve very petite avoid your giant heels. While the glamazonian approach is desired by many, it’s not to everyone’s taste.

Don’t show off too much, just a flash of your favorite asset

Body positivity is a wonderful quality in any woman or man and there’s nothing sexier than the ability to flaunt what you’ve got. But be careful what you let show on a first date. You just want to subtly hint at your best features rather than presenting your prospective beau with an eye buffet. Showing off too much can be a mistake but hinting at the legs you’ve worked hard for at the gym can create a captivating sense of intrigue.

Last but not least.. Smile!

Clothes, shoes and jewelry are all well and good but your best accessory is always your smile. A smile can light up your face and draw the eyes like a moth to a flame.

Relax, be yourself and have fun, and who knows where this date could take you?

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