How To Make Your Facebook Post Go Viral

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How To Make Your Facebook Post Go Viral

Having a social media page, and more specifically a Facebook page is essential if you want to be noticed. The page can be either personal or related to your business, but in the end, you will need the same thing from it – you need the posts that you place there to be shared over and over again, becoming viral in the process. When this happens, you or your business will certainly be noticed, and whether you are looking to make more money or increase your business reach, you will be on your way to obtaining that goal. Here are some useful tips when it comes to creating a viral Facebook post.

Make It Personal

Putting some of your personality into your Facebook posts is important if you want them to go viral and be shared thousands of times. This should even be the case on your business posts, although perhaps to a lesser extent than a personal page. You don’t have to give away your entire life story, but adding content that people can relate to and that you have experienced yourself, is a good idea. The more relatable the content is, the more people are going to share it. You could write about anything that has happened to you, including success (or failure) in losing weight, getting married, getting a new job, your children growing up, starting a business, or anything else that will interest other people.

Make It Useful

Another way to ensure that a post is shared as many times as possible is to make it as useful as you can. If you have some words of wisdom to impart, do so in your Facebook post. The more useful the information, the more people will share it. Not only that, but they will come back to you time and again when they need more information about your sector because you will have shown that you know what you are talking about and are an expert. Again, you can choose anything you want to post, as long as you can give enough expert information. If you know about investment, you can discuss Tastyworks futures margin. If you know about cooking, you can write about a new recipe, or perhaps a new kitchen gadget. Maybe your niche is art, in which case you can write about different painting techniques.

Ask For Shares

Something that many people forget about is asking for shares at the end of their post. Doing this will encourage more people to do just that. Often, even if a post has been useful or enjoyable, those reading it will forget to share it because they are already moving onto something else, or it simply didn’t occur to them. By asking for shares after you have written the post, it is much more likely that your visitors will do as you have asked, and share the post. The more this happens, the more chance you have of it going viral.

Time It Right

Posting your Facebook post at the right time can make the difference between it being shared and going viral or not. You can check out your Facebook insights to find out when your page is most active, and when your ‘likers’ are online. This is the best time to post on your Facebook page because more people will see it in the first place. Test different times to see what works best for you, and then stick with the best time, making your posts a regular thing.

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