Repeat Customers: Why They’re Important And How To Get Them

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Getting customers is the first step in building a successful business but that alone isn’t enough. The best way to create a company that turns a consistent profit is to attract repeat customers who buy your products over and over again. They’ll be the bread and butter of your business and keep you going while you try to attract new customers and expand, so don’t neglect them. If all of your customers are one time buyers and you’re struggling to get them to come back, try these things.

Customer Success

When you’re trying to get people to come back to you, customer success is the most important thing. When somebody has an interaction with your company, whether that includes a sale or not, and they come out happy with the outcome of that interaction, that’s customer success. Customers will only return to a business and buy products from them again if they feel that they’ve found that success. That means you have to make sure every stage of your business, from browsing to purchasing, and then aftercare is giving your customer exactly what they need. Even if only one area is falling short, they aren’t likely to come back.

Email Lists

Even if a customer does have a good experience with your company, they might just forget about you. Sometimes all they need is a little nudge to remind them that you’re still here and you’ve got more great products for them to buy, that’s where email lists come in. If you encourage people to sign up to your mailing list when they visit your site, you can send them details of new products or any offers that you’ve got which might convince them to come back. Just remember, you’ve got to use it sparingly. If people are getting an email from you every day, they’ll quickly get annoyed and take themselves off your mailing list.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to get people to use your company regularly. By giving them points each time they buy something, they’re more likely to come back to you next time they need something rather than going elsewhere because they’re trying to build up enough points to get something for free. The best way to get people hooked on your loyalty scheme is to give them a decent amount of points for their first purchase and then reduce it. That way, they’re already well on their way and they’ll be more inclined to make more purchases to build up the rest of the points.

Keep Good Stock

People are fickle, especially when they’re buying stuff online. If a customer buys a product from you and they love it, they might come back again. If they come back a second time and try to buy something, only to find it’s out of stock, they probably won’t return. Make sure that you’ve always got good stock and replenish things when you sell them so customers can always get exactly what they need.

If you can get a good base of repeat customers, you’ll be in a far more stable position and you’ll the revenue you need to expand your business in the future.

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