A Clean Office Equals Productive Minds!

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Lots of people sharing the same space for working, eating, socialising and relaxing – ie an office, is the perfect environment for bacteria to spread and thrive! If you find that your staff team are forever suffering from coughs, colds and stomach viruses you need to take a detailed look at how you are managing the cleanliness of your office. A cluttered, messy office can also be a health and safety hazard, as well as lowering motivation in staff as the environment has a massive effect on morale.

This article aims to highlight areas that need special consideration when cleaning your workspace.


The design of your office will majorly impact how easy it is to clean. If you have loose, frayed flooring such as carpets and rugs it is worth considering alternative floor systems such as polished concrete, which provides a safe, attractive and easy to clean alternative. Carpets harbour dust and dirt, which could have an impact on the health of your employees.

Ensure desks are positioned with plenty of space in between to allow easy cleaning and provide plenty of storage options for files and paperwork so that floor spaces remain clear.

Utilize as much natural light as possible, as natural light is a mood enhancer and ensure windows are cleaned inside and out regularly.


Cluttered desks equal cluttered minds, so encourage your staff to keep desks clutter free. This will also allow for easy dusting and cleaning. Provide plenty of pencil holders, paper trays and baskets to keep items tidy.

Encourage staff to tidy their desk and empty their bin at the end of everyday. This will allow them to stay on track the next morning instead of clearing the previous days clutter.

Food preparation areas

Kitchens and food preparation areas can become dirty and unhygienic very quickly. It is important for individuals to take responsibility for cleaning their own pots and utensils, as well as dispose of out of date food in the fridge, however someone should oversee the tasks to ensure that it’s done properly.

All sides will need wiping down after each food prep, including the microwave. Try to draw up a rota and get everyone to stick to it.

Remember to change dishcloths daily and wash tea towels.


It goes without saying that toilet facilities must be kept immaculately clean. Ensure the whole staff team takes individual responsibility and provide plenty of cleaning equipment. At the end of everyday sinks and toilets should be cleaned with disinfectant and antibacterial cleaner. Ensure there is sufficient soap, hand wash and towels, as well as toilet rolls.

Call in the experts

Keeping an office environment clean and hygienic is a mammoth task, but is extremely important for the health of your staff team and visitors. As well as your businesses success.

If the task is too large, consider hiring a daily office cleaner, this will be a fantastic investment in the long run. As cleaning time can be spent on more productive work related tasks. Many cleaning companies specialise in cleaning offices, use recommendation and word of mouth as your first point of call.

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