Overcome Your ‘What If?’ Worries With Our Pre-Travel Tips

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Holidays are great, aren’t they? Taking a few days off work, you can finally get away from it all, whether you choose to holiday abroad or have some much-needed vacation time exploring your own country. Watch as the stress falls from your shoulders, and see your everyday worries fade into insignificance. There’s nothing better…although that isn’t true for everybody! Many people suffer from pre-holiday panic, with anxiety that threatens to scupper their vacation time before it has even begun. Those endless ‘what if’ questions appear and the cold sweats begin. Sound familiar? Calm down dear; we are here to help.

Here are some common anxieties.

What if I forget something?

Forgetting your toothbrush isn’t a problem… but forgetting such things as your plane tickets, passport and booking details will be. So what to do? Well, make yourself a travel checklist for starters, and put all your important documents in a clear plastic envelope within your hand luggage. Provided you have a smartphone, you can also back up important documents virtually, so there is less need to worry about losing your paperwork. You will still need your passport to hand, however, which brings us onto the one other thing you shouldn’t forget. Make sure you remember to renew your passport several months in advance, and be aware that some countries won’t allow you in if you have less than six months before your expiry date.

What if my plane falls from the sky?

To misquote Superman, flying is still one of the safest ways to travel. Still, it isn’t for everybody, as the fear of flying puts many people off traveling abroad. The only way to conquer your fear is to confront it, and there are ways to overcome your anxiety. Of course, you don’t have to hop (step cautiously) onto a plane if it gives you jitters. Assuming you don’t have a  fear of water, you could book a cruise with Santa Barbara Travel, and enjoy a luxurious trip across the ocean instead of the skies. Alternatively, there may be coach trips to the place you wish to visit. It will take you much longer to reach your destination, but if you aren’t in any hurry, this may be the better option for you.

What if I get lost in a foreign country?

Traveling to a new country is exciting, but it can also be scary. Let’s face it; you could get lost if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why research is key. Buy a travel guide, download Google Maps onto your phone, and try and stick with a group of people when in unfamiliar territory. Follow our advice on staying safe, too. Especially when travelling alone, getting lost can be a worry, but you can put precautions in place to calm your fears.

What if I can’t understand the language?

A common worry, but you can bypass this by doing a little homework yourself. You don’t have to become proficient in the language, but you could still learn a few phrases – “Good morning,” “Where is the toilet?” and “No, I don’t wish to marry you” are just a few examples. Okay, so the last one may sound silly, but you never know what muddle you might get into if you don’t know the culture! Carry a phrase book with you too, or download similar onto your phone. Most people learn English as well as their native language anyway, so you may have no trouble communicating. However, it’s polite to make an effort, so memorize a few key phrases as a sign of respect to the country you are visiting.


We’ve covered a few ‘what if’s’ in this article, but if you have further worries, leave a comment below. If you have managed to overcome your worries, please leave a few tips for our readers. Thanks for reading.


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