Creating A Loyal Customer Club For Elite Access

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What your small business is on the path to significant growth, thinking of ways to make it more user-friendly and broad is something you will inevitably do. Being at this stage is actually a good thing because it shows you have progressed far enough to where you can build a loyal fan base. You have a sizeable customer retention which means you are making products and services that people are very interested in. But every business needs to have a two-tier approach. One side of the business is completely open to the entire world, and one side is exclusive. It gives loyal customers the chance to feel special and part of something that is accessible to a small group. However, this is not to be confused with an elitist approach because it’s actually not so. Anyone can join this exclusive club that is privy to content the rest of the consumer base isn’t. Also, the group itself would show how willing you are to allow people close to you and your business.

Two tier website membership

For your website, think about creating a section that is for premium members only. As your business website should already have a sign-up option to become a member, implement the same process for a second tier. Premium members pay for this kind of membership monthly so that you can conjure plans of three, six and a whole year’s worth of exclusive membership. So what would this kind of loyal customer get for becoming a part of this? Well in this elite club those who are an individual signed up to it, will get first access to blog posts that pertain to updates. Information to the newest version of the products and services you offer and those you are creating should be made open to these members. If you have software that is in beta form and you need some testers who will also give you feedback, this is another option to should think of offering. Exclusive discounts are another area that loyal customers greatly appreciate. A sub-section of the forums for elite or premium members would be fantastic as the small group is free to swap opinions and debate about your business.

Optional early access

Early access is something that a lot of video game developers are launching across all platforms. Slowly but surely this culture has made it into business as well. Think about making a product or service accessible to those who want to buy it regardless, available as early access. To your most loyal consumers who have signed up to various plans and degrees of exclusivity, you should be sending them information like this regularly. This can be done mainly through SMS texting such as from for your business. People who have signed up for your website, newsletter or beta program can be contacted through automated text messaging and kept abreast of what’s on offer. Writing in shortcodes, keep the message simple. The contents could be as simple as naming the offer, and leaving a code number for the customer to text back if they are interested. Other than that, they can simply ignore the message and carry on about their day. It’s kind of like fishing for sale, you simply contact those who have given over their phone number as part of the sign up requirement, and offer them your newest items.

Face to face VIP treatment

As with all businesses small and large, going to conferences is one of the best ways to connect with fans. Customers who give over their hard earned money, want to meet and greet figures in your business as part of the experience of utilizing your products. Again for the most loyal customers who not only vote with their money, but also with their feet you can offer them VIP passes to such events. At business exhibitions where you’re showcasing what you’re about and possibly unveiling new things, give your premium members a chance to skip lines. You may also find that setting up a separate booth behind the main for the premium fans could do wonders for your PR. by letting in these customers, and giving them access to what onlookers can only wait and hope for, you make loyalty worthwhile. Consumers who value your company to such an extent that they would be willing to pay extra, just to see, touch and experience your newest offerings, should be rewarded and looked after as VIPs at events.

Don’t we all want to feel special sometimes? That’s why when you’re a small business that is trying to compete with the big boys, it’s important never to believe you can’t punch above your weight. By creating a two-tier system that anyone can join, you inject a bit of class into your business. You showcase an ability to offer customers special treatment if they pledge their loyalty to your business, and this kind of culture enhances your public image.


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