It’s Time To Be Discount-Savvy In Business Too

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Vouchers, coupons, buying used, deal sites – these are all things we use as consumers. You know, people leading everyday lives that want to save a buck or twenty. Yet, when it comes to business, it’s as if we’re scared to apply the same cost-cutting tactics. It’s something businesses overlook – whether on purpose or sub-consciously – and that can mean losing out on some amazing deals.


As an entrepreneur, being discount-savvy and obsessed with all things frugal is part of the game. You need to be absolutely relentless in your search for savings because that is what will raise your profit margins. And here are some amazing ways in which you can do exactly this:

  1. Always Buy Used

There is hardly any need for your business to buy new things. That is an overarching statement and one that covers office chairs, boardroom sofas, TV screens for your reception, desks, filing cabinets, light fixtures, vehicles, smartphones or anything. Instead, what you want to do is get on Facebook Marketplace and drop by auction houses to start saving big on things.

  1. Don’t Buy At All…

When you buy you are coughing up a big chunk of cash, and that can mean tying up a lot of useful capital. Maybe not if you are just buying monitors for your office, but if you are buying trucks for your construction company then, yes, it is going to be worth a quick visit to Flex Fleet Rental. The same goes for a lot of things these days, from MacBook’s to machinery – renting can save you a bunch of valuable coins upfront.

  1. Less Fancy Overheads…

The need to be in a luxury space in a desirable overhead could be as unnecessary as it is unaffordable. Something simpler may be the answer, not because it is all you need but because it is going to take three-tonnes-of-pressure of your book balancing. We’re not saying you need to launch from a desk in your bedroom because that won’t work for everyone. But you don’t need to go straight to the expensive rented location, especially if your business doesn’t see many potential clients come through the door.

  1. Hire & Fire As And When…

That subheading may seem a little ruthless, but what we mean is only hire when you need the extra talent, and with the pool of freelancers bigger than ever it is easy to do. Let’s say you are anticipating a Christmas rush and want more store assistants, you have secured a big construction deal and want more tradesmen or feel the need for a creative copywriter to come on board to spruce up your marketing content, just hire them for the task you require. It could even be that a few hours of consulting does the trick. You get all the help you need without a full-time commitment (read: salary).

  1. Always, Always Barter

It is one of the oldest tricks in the book – a tactic that has been around since buying and selling was first dreamed up – but it has somewhat fallen out of favor with etiquette recently. Don’t let this be the case with your business. The amount you can save from bartering is substantial. A hundred bucks here, a couple of hundred there; it all adds up and it all makes a difference. Trust us on that.

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