How To Look Like A Million Dollars, Without Spending That Much

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Let’s be honest looking good is a pretty important thing for most of us. Looking our best gives us the confidence that we need to put our best foot forward and achieve what we set out to in life. However, it can also cost a small, or even large fortune in cosmetics, treatments, and products, money that most of us don’t have to spend. However, it is truly possible to look gorgeous without going bankrupt, just read on to find out how.

Do home treatments

Treatments at a salon can often run into hundreds of dollars, making them one of the most expensive parts of your beauty regime. However, it is possible to get comparable results in the comfort of your own home with all natural ingredients. For example, you can make a moisturizing face mask with avocado and olive oil like the ones at You can also make other products in your own home such as lip scrubs by combining olive oil and granulated sugar and even use eggs for hair treatments. Activities that can save you a huge amount and still ensure that you look you best at all times.

The only thing here that I would caution against is buying medical style or harsh treatments cheaply from auctions sites and doing them in your own home. After all, you can’t always be sure what is them or how your face and body will react, and in my opinion it just not worth the risk.

Look after yourself

Of course, prevention is always better than cure when it comes to beauty, and that is why you should make the time to invest in your own health and wellbeing. This is so important because not only does it help you to feel good, but if you are exercising, eating properly, as well as staying hydrated your skin will look its best as well. Something that means you can ditch a lot of the expensive products, as you will already have a flawless base to work from.

Shop with coupons

Next, if your beauty budget is looking a little low, but you are after some of the newest trends to wear during the festive period look for coupons and special offer to decrease the cost. You can get some amazing specials online now like these deals on, as well as many other brands. Something that means no matter what you are after, you can pretty much always save some money as long as you are clever and look for a coupon first.

Consider beauty boxes

Another clever strategy for keeping the cost of your beauty regime down is to subscribe to a monthly beauty box like the ones discussed at are mystery boxes of cosmetic items that you pay for month to month and then get delivered to your home.They can be really fun because it’s like giving yourself a gift, as you don’t know what you are going to get. They also provide the opportunity to sample new trends and products for a hugely discounted price, meaning you can keep ahead of the game without spending all your monthly budget on makeup.


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