The Solo Traveler’s Guide To The Lone Star State

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Texas is one of the most vibrant and culturally-diverse states in the US today. That is because the location is near to the Mexican border, and so there is a vast Spanish population. Visiting the Lone Star State as a solo traveler is an excellent move because it will allow you lots of flexibility. This article will offer some tips and advice that should help to ensure you make the most of the experience. As with most other things in this world, pre-planning is crucial if you don’t want to miss anything exciting.

Travel and accommodation

Texas has many different airports, and so you can arrive by plane from almost anywhere in the world. For the best prices, it’s sensible to start checking the booking websites at least four months in advance. However, sometimes you’ll find some excellent last minute deals if you plan to travel on a whim. Solo travelers can either look for hostel accommodation or find a resort in Texas that meets their requirements. Just remember that you’ll probably want to move around during your trip, and so it’s sensible only to book a couple of nights before you arrive. That way, you can move to a different part of the state if you want to explore.

Seeing the sights

You’ll find hundreds of different attractions in Texas to tickle your taste buds. However, many of the best sights are miles apart, and so you’ll need to plan before you arrive if you want to see everything. Most solo travelers tend to visit:

  • Big Bend National Park
  • Alamo Mansion in San Antonio
  • Padre Island
  • NASA Space Center Houston
  • Lee Harvey Oswald’s window in Dallas

There are lots of other things you might want to experience during your stay in the Lone Star State. So, begin your research as soon as possible.

Immersing yourself in the culture

The best way to get a feel for the culture in Texas is to spend some afternoons and evenings out on the town. You can do that in any season as the state tends to get a lot of winter sun. There are thousands of top-class restaurants and clubs that are guaranteed to keep you entertained. Just make sure you visit places with a Mexican influence for the best results. You could spend your evening eating tacos and then dance the night away to some Spanish guitar music. The people are friendly, and they tend to welcome travelers with open arms. Some of the best restaurants and eateries include:

  • Peli Peli Galleria
  • La Fonda on Main
  • Hopdoddy
  • Rodeo Goat

From that information, you should manage to plan a Texas break you will never forget. With a bit of luck, you’ll have a fantastic time and return with your friends or family at some point in the future. As US states go, Texas is often overlooked by many people. However, it’s a great place to get back to basics and enjoy the American dream without having to endure the New York or Chicago weather. You can even take a short walk across the border into Mexico if you apply for a visa. Have a brilliant time!

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