Don’t Let Your Desk Job Damage Your Health

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A huge amount of us work behind a desk. Many of us know that sitting behind a desk all day staring at a PC monitor isn’t healthy – but what can be done to combat the negative health effects? Here are just a few ways that you can stop your desk job from doing prolonged damage.

Exercise your core

Sitting down for long periods can cause many of your core muscles to become lazy. Over time, they may waste away, resulting in a flabby stomach. Such muscles include the hip flexors – this guide on Unlock Your Hip Flexors offers several exercises to help prevent these muscles from wasting away. Many exercises targeted at the abs can also be worthwhile. Static exercises such as the plank meanwhile can target the whole of your core. Do these at home when not in the office and you could prevent weight gain.

Take a stand

There are other negative health effects caused by sitting down all day such as joint damage to the knees and even spinal damage due to bad posture. Whilst taking time out to walk around stretch your legs could help to combat these negative effects, some office workers have gone the extra mile and bought a standing desk. Many of these can be adjusted to the exact height to prevent you craning over them.

Put some light on the subject

The negative health effects of staring at a screen all day aren’t clear yet. However, there are situations where it has been proven to cause damage to the eyes. A bright screen in a dimly lit room could cause eye strain. You should always have enough lighting to match the brightness of the screen or dim the screen accordingly. Programmes such as Flux can automatically adjust the lighting of your screen to match the environment.

Clean your keyboard

One of the major causes of illness being spread around the office is thought to be dirty keyboards. These can get covered in bacteria over time and collect crumbs which studies have found can even attract rodents. It’s worth taking the time every so often to thoroughly clean out your keyboard. It may even be worth taking off the keys and cleaning underneath.

Go out for lunch

If you eat at your desk, you may not only be contributing to your dirty keyboard, you could also be causing further damage to your health. By staying in the same sedentary position after eating and then continuing with your work, you don’t give yourself the physical activity necessary to help burn off the calories you’ve just consumed. Going out for lunch forces you do some physical activity afterwards. Not only that but it’s good for you mentally, allowing you to effectively transition between work time and break time.

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