Smoother Legs: How to Get Them

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Smoother legs are something that many women long for. After all, smooth legs look good and feel even better. Unfortunately, because our legs are naturally a very dry part of the body, owing to the fact that very little oil is produced in the area, it can be pretty tough to achieve the kind of perfect smoothness that you would like if you don’t want to use wax.

The good news is, there are some things you can do to make your legs smoother than they have ever been before, even if you are shaving them as opposed to what are, perhaps, more effective methods. Check them out:

Use a Quality Shaving Gel or Cream

Under no circumstances should you ever use soap to shave your legs. It might provide the slippery friction necessary for the razor to glide over your body effectively, but it doesn;’t soften your leg hairs like a good shaving cream or gel will, and that means that it can be harder for you to get a close shave, at least without cutting yourself and no one wants cuts and scars on their legs!

Ideally, you should choose a cream or gel that contains vitamin E because it will moisturize your legs as you shave so that they will feel softer and more supple when you’re done.

Replace Your Razor Blades Regularly

If you are plagued by unsightly razor bumps that prevent your legs from being as smooth as they can be, you’ll be pleased to know that the best way to get rid of razor bumps is to simply change your razor blades or your disposable razors, more often. That’s because razors start to get dull after they’ve been used a few times and when this happens, should you continue to use them, not only will they not be able to shave you as close as a fresh razor, but they will drag on and irritate the skin more, resulting in bumpy legs.

Exfoliate Dry

Most of us exfoliate our skin after we have washed and when it is still wet, but when it comes to your legs, at least, this might not be the best strategy. If you exfoliate your legs while they are still dry, you will get rid of more dead skin cells, which will immediately make them smoother, and you will make it easier for sunscreens and moisturizers to penetrate the skin, which will eventually result in smoother, more radiant legs, too.

Use a Moisturizing Razor

If you use disposable razors, a simple thing you can do to make your legs even smoother is to choose a razor that features a moisturizing serum strip. That way, with every stroke you make, you will be adding moisture to your legs as well as removing hairs.

Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for your face, neck, and arms. If your legs are going to be exposed to the elements, you absolutely must apply sunscreen to them too. Not only will this ensure that you are fully protected from the sun’s rays, but it will also prevent your legs from becoming sun-damaged, which can cause them to flake and develop imperfections.

Moisturize Within a Minute

If you want the skin on your legs (and elsewhere) to be as perfect as it can be, then you really need to apply your moisturizer within 60 seconds of getting out of the bath or shower. If you wait any longer than this, your skin will start to dry out, and you won’t be able to lock quite as much moisture in. Since the skin on the legs is prone to being very dry and cracking, this is one of the most important things you can do.

Ideally, you should choose a moisturizer or body cream that contains lanolin, shea butter or ceramides, all of which are known to really lock in the moisture.

Use Hydrating Body Washes

The thing about body washes and cleansers is that some of them are so good at doing their job and cleansing your skin off any impurities that they end up going too far and stripping your body of the essential oils they need to maintain smooth suppleness. You can prevent them from doing this to your legs by switching to a hydrating body wash that contains natural coconut, argan or avocado oils. These will cleanse you of the bad stuff while ensuring that your legs are sufficiently oiled to maintain their smoothness.

Use a Body Oil in the Evening

If your legs to tend to get very scaly, rough or dry, then something that can really help to make them smoother once again is applying a light layer of body oil on top of your moisturizer of boy cream before you go to bed at night. This will sink in and seal in moisture so that your moisturizer will last longer and work more effectively to keep your skin smooth and in good condition.

Scrub After Showering

If you have parts of your legs (usually the knees) which are prone to drying out and being stubbornly rough, you might want to start using a good body scrub – ideally, one that is oil-based – to buff away all of the layers of dead skin after you’ve had a shower. You should do it after showering because the warm water will have softened the skin somewhat and you’ll have an easier time of eliminating it.

Use Hyaluronic Acid

If your skin is very scaly and nothing else works, then you may want to look into a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid. This is a fabulous ingredient that can hold as much as 1000 times its own weight in moisture; you can see how it could help you to deal with a dry skin problem and achieve smoother legs once and for all!

Do as many of these very simple things as you can, or as appropriate, and you will very soon notice that your legs feel softer and more supple than you ever imagined possible!


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