Jeans And Jumpers: The Fall Fashion That Never Fails

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Fall is here. Yeah. that’s right. It is that time of year where we get to enjoy golden trees, streets lined with crisp leaves, a chilly nip in the air and, best of all, a few months of jeans and sweaters. It is the default outfit of fall, the perfect mix of comfort, warmth, and style. But as much as we adore this look, we also have enough autumns under our belt to know that there’s a couple of downsides to getting entrenched in this look, not least of all boredom.

Except for standing on an upturned plug, is there anything worse than being bored of your closet; staring at it blankly as you frantically search for an answer, a way of adding some magic to your jeans and sweater combo.

Well, the good news is yes. What’s more, it’s even easier to add a bit of sparkle, magic, and pizzazz to this classic fail-safe look than you may have realized. All it takes is a little bit of creative thinking and the right accessories. Get these right and, voila, you can look and feel fresh every time you decide to go all J&S on us.

There is just one rule to follow: the simpler your base layers are the more looks you can create without anyone suspecting a thing.

Lunch Date Casual

We’ve all been in this situation before, and we will all be in this situation again, where you suddenly notice the time and you’re forced to make a quick dash out of the door, no time to shower or change, as you frantically grab whatever items you can to pull together a more put-together look. Well, the next time you find yourself squirming around in this context, make sure the four accessories you grab are a pair of dangly earrings – gold or silver – your brightest pair of flats, the ones with the pointed toes, an equally bold bag, and a printed scarf. Not only will this disguise the neckline of your sweater, it will also add some much-needed color to your whole appearance, taking it from unmemorable to standout with no hassle whatsoever.

Country Chic

Fall is the last time to enjoy the great outdoors, something that seems to get into people’s subconscious as they embrace all things country – pub lunches and long walks. The good news is, you can take your jeans and sweater look in a totally different direction with just a few easy additions. First off, get yourself either a plaid or tweed blazer to throw on top of everything. That is what will transform your look the most. It is the details that will really make the difference, though, which is why you should pair your jeans with a pair of ankle boots, pull on a big and bold pendant necklace to distract from your sweater and finish your look off with a neutral color slouch bag. You’ll find that blazers become your best friend during the mild autumn months.

Make A Statement

The foundation of your look may be as tame and safe as it gets, but that does not mean the finishes touches have to be. Oh no. No way. With a few tweaks, your jeans and sweater combination can become as interesting as an episode of Black Mirror. Your first step is to make a statement with jewelry, lots of jewelry. Start by layering your necklaces, combining something bold from Frost NYC with something delicate from the covered market. Add to this a pair of ear jacket earrings and a few bangle bracelets and you will have already added a whole new dimension to an otherwise tired look. Now that we’ve handles the jumper conundrum, it is about taking your so-so jeans and giving them the wow-factor, which is easily done by pulling on a pair heeled boots, either knee-high or thigh length, whatever the occasion calls for. These will totally detract away from your jeans, breathing more than just a little bit of luxe into them. To top it all of, you need to pick the right handbag, something stylish, something that oozes sophistication, something that makes a style statement. This will really add to your look, but you will still look great when you put your bag down, and that is the trick.

Work On A Friday

If you work in a corporate environment where it is strictly suits and pencils skirts then we’re sorry this won’t work for you, and we’re sorry that you work in such an outdated place. For everyone else, though, when it comes to Friday and you have a) exhausted all your usual options or b) got a laundry pile that needs attending, then you need to know that it’s possible to dress up your jeans and sweater appropriately. All you need to do is layer up some delicate necklaces again, add a lightweight scarf, match this piece with a pair of suede brogues and top it all off with a smart and professional backpack, something that blends the casual world with your working one. An office environment is always a place of secretly held fashion contests, and this little number will not let you down, especially on a Friday when everyone is feeling a little bit lax.

Fat And Thin

If you are really lacking on the accessory front and can’t amend this fact until the end of the month when your next paycheck floats in then don’t despair just yet because you can get away with the jeans and sweater look without having to add much more. The trick is to pair an oversized jumper with a pair of skinny jeans – preferably in monochrome colors to achieve a fashionable result. Not only will this look totally on point with regards to current trends, you will also find you’ve mastered cold weather. A classic look that is both fashionable and practical, what more could a girl possibly want.

And there we have it, five ways you can take everyone’s favorite fall outfit and make it your own no matter what the occasion.

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