Food On Your Face – The Key Ingredients For Your Skincare

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Beauty and skincare are huge industries turning over billions of dollars every year. This is because we all want the same thing – a beautiful and flawless look. Of course, this doesn’t come naturally, so we need to buy the latest bottle of moisturizer or cleanser to make it happen. But have you ever really looked at the ingredients of your favorite products? There might be a lot of scary chemical names on there, but there are also a few familiar items in the recipe too!

The foods that we eat might well hold the secrets to great looking skin. Just think about how many of those foods you put on your skin, your nails, and your hair. Shampoos with herbal infusions, and moisturizers with cocoa butters. What’s in your favorite face mask? Chances are there are a few fruits and maybe even some honey! If you’re keen to put food on your face for the good of your skin, here are a few tips to get you started:


These beauties are cheap and widely available all year around. They are made of mostly water, and so are ideal for relieving puffy eyes. Cut a couple of slices and gently place them over your closed eyes. You’ll have to lay down for this one! Cucumber also has cooling properties. You might find that cucumber water can refresh the skin when you’re feeling hot and sticky. It tastes quite nice too!


The kernels of an apricot are often ground down to create natural facial scrubs. It’s thought they are more environmentally friendly than the plastic beads some of the scrubs contain. If you like to exfoliate regularly, look at for reviews on the best scrubs for the face and for the body. You might find a body brush with some soothing buffer lotion might help too. As for your face? Stick to small circular movements with a gentle facial scrub and fingertips.


Yogurt is full of live cultures of bacteria that are thought to help your digestive system. These same cultures might also help smooth out your skin in the form of a homemade skin mask. Smooth the yogurt on the face but don’t let it dry completely. You might find a strawberry yogurt that smells a bit better than natural yogurt on its own. Of course, you can find face masks that contain yogurt in stores too.


Honey is thought to be the perfect natural sweetener if you’re trying to avoid processed or refined sugars. This healthier approach might be good on the outside of your body too. Honey is thick and runny, so be wary with this one. Use something like banana or avocado to mix with it. Again, this is ideal for the face, but you can use this as a hair mask too. However, it can be really tricky to rinse it all out again!


Yep, the cereals have it. They can help reduce the oil on your skin as well as offering a little something extra in the form of a buffer! Mix this with cucumber to soften it up and make it a little more appealing in terms of fragrance. Some people prefer it cooked before using it. Obviously, make sure it is cooled before putting it on your skin. If you’re using milk, this too might help care for your skin.


When Halloween is just around the corner, it makes sense not to let all that pumpkin go to waste. Blitz it in the blender, and gently apply over the nose, chin, and cheeks. The seeds can also be ground down. Be sure to preserve the oils! Use this preparation on hard to care for areas like your elbows and hips.


Lemons are nature’s cleansers. The juice of a lemon can be used on the face but can be a little harsh for sensitive skin. Try adding a few drops to water and then mix with honey for a quick mask. You can also use strawberries here for a sweet and delicious aroma. You might want to rinse quite well and finish with a softening cream to let your skin rehydrate here.

If you can resist the temptation to eat your face mask, you might be able to enjoy five to ten minutes of food bliss as you let those yummy foods get to work. Some are cleansing and others are hydrating. You’ll find softeners, refreshers, and antioxidants. Look for some of these ingredients when you buy your regular skin care products. How natural can you go?

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