Home Made Nail Remedies That Make Beauty Goals Easier

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Homemade beauty remedies are a staple of the fashion world, as we can’t all have an on call hair and makeup team. One big part of a beauty routine is our hands, surprisingly, and nails can be a nice or creative feature to show off your skill. Similarly, nails are something that a person can go all out for or just leave to their own devices. However, we all deserve healthy nails, and in doing so we deserve not to break the bank as well.

Some Foods You Can Snack On For Healthy Nails

Protein is the super nutrient when it comes to good nail health. It’ll make them a lot stronger and last longer, and your cuticles are less likely to look a mess as well. Fish are a great protein contender alongside other lean meats like poultry. If you’re not into meat, plenty of vegetables in your diet will go a long way.

Try snacking on some baby spinach as a good starter. A bit of muesli for breakfast also works perfectly, and you can pair any fruit or yogurt you like with it. It’ll have plenty of B vitamins in it, which keeps skin from becoming dry or itchy. Super healthy and super delicious, just for you.

Speaking of cuticles, make sure they aren’t cut down as they keep bacteria out of your body and away from disrupting healthy keratin development. To improve your cuticle strength, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, as this is the best way to perfect your skin and its defensive properties.

Have Your Own UV Lamp

If you want to use gel polish, and don’t want to fork out for it as this design can work out quite expensive, it’d be good to look into getting your own UV lamp. The polish simply won’t dry otherwise, and it’ll ruin furniture, clothes, and your own low score frustration counter.

Investing in your own UV lamp is a great money and time saver, as why waste money in salons when you can do it yourself with these. Check out the comparison list for the best deals in the market currently, as you deserve to get bang for your buck. Look for a lamp that has bulbs on the side as well as the head, as this will mean all your nail will be dried evenly.

Go Crazy With Your Own Nail Art

When you’re not having to pay for your manicure, it means you can practice and go wrong and see what works on your own terms and time.

You can even use items you just have laying around your home, like scotch tape for a perfect finish on a french manicure, or straws to blow on some paint for a nice splatter effect. You can also use a loofah or left over bit of lace for a two-tone or patterned finish that looks super sleek.

Nail remedies can be made in a flash if you know something that works!

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