My Ultimate Beauty Routine Before A Holiday

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Everyone has their favorite beauty routine they’ll stick to every day. However, when I’m about to go on holiday, I like to switch things up in preparation for what I hope will be a week or two in the sun. I know I’m going to be outside a lot and the sun will hopefully be beating down on me.

As such, there are certain things I like to do to get my skin and body ready for what lies ahead. If you’re about to embark on a nice sunny holiday, I suggest you give this routine a go the night before you leave:

Exfoliate Thoroughly

Let’s face it, we love the sun, but it really damages our skin. We know our precious skin is going to take a bit of a beating on holiday, so let’s prepare by pampering the night before. I like to exfoliate thoroughly just before bed and really cleanse my pores. You can do this with an exfoliating scrub all over your body, and with a face mask for, well, your face obviously. It’ll really clean your skin and leave it feeling smoother and fresher. Plus, as it says on, exfoliating can help you get a better tan that lasts longer.

Shave Everywhere

Shaving is a gigantic pain in the backside, and it’s always a joy when you can avoid it for as long as possible. Unfortunately, going on holiday means you can’t put it off any longer. You have to prepare for those days at the beach by shaving your legs and your bikini line. The worst thing about shaving is how long it takes. But, as you can see on, there are a few electric trimmers you could use to speed things up. Personally, I suggest shaving the night before you leave, so you give the hair no time to grow back. What’s the point in shaving a week in advance? It’ll be starting to grow back by the time you leave, and you’ll have to do it again!

Apply Fake Tan

Normally, you might shy away from some fake tan as it’s messy and can often look unnatural. Well, the night before your holiday is the best time to use some. Primarily, this is to give you a bit of a base tan before you leave. Doing this will reduce your chances of burning and help you get a better, more natural tan. You don’t need to go crazy dark here, you’re literally only applying a small amount to help start your tan off. Make sure you get a very good quality fake tan here that provides a natural look. If you have to overpay for the best on the market then so be it!

With this three step beauty routine, you’ll be primed and ready for your upcoming holiday. Your skin will be nice and smooth, your pores will all be cleared, and you’ll kickstart your base tan. Now, you can go on a sunny holiday without worrying so much about burning your skin and ruining your chances of tanning.This routine doesn’t take much time either and will leave you feeling more confident too.


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