But They Predicted Sun: Handling Heavy Rain on Holiday

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The end of summer is fast approaching, and many of us are trying to squeeze out an extra holiday before it’s back to work. While you may have planned it well enough to have some free time, and even found your ideal place to rest out in, you can’t always trust the weather predictions – and a sunny weekend is washed away by heavy falls of rain.

You can still enjoy your time off though and come to terms with the despicable weather without letting it ruin your mood. Here is a handful of great advice on how to keep your chin up, getting the most of your time off, and recharge your batteries while the sky stays gray.

Appreciate it

Alright, so your plans of tanning and reading in the garden might be ruined – but you can still enjoy the outdoors when the weather is unpleasant. Just dress correctly; as they say up north, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad cleather. Pull out your raincoat and head out to see the local waterfalls if you happen to be near one – they’re magnificent after a bit of heavy rain, and you’ll appreciate the freshness.

Being outside when it’s wet is all about staying warm and dry. When you’re comfortable, it’s also a lot easier to appreciate the beauty of nature when it’s been showered, the cloudy mists enhance the greenness and make the color of flowers stand out even more.

Go swimming in the rain, too! You’re going to love it and it’s not really that bad with water falling from the sky when you’re soaking in any way. Those who have enjoyed a rainy swim knows how much warmer the water suddenly feels too, so get undressed, and run outside until you reach the beach.

Pack for rain

Building on the international proverbs, why not think like the Irish and realize that ‘if the Irish waited on the weather they would be waiting forever.’ You may not be from Ireland, but the idea stays the same; pack for bad weather, and you won’t be as affected by it.

Those who camp outside even when the winds are not necessarily wet or uncomfortable. To them, bearing with nature and finding ways to enjoy it nonetheless is more than just a hobby, and you can make use of this mentality as well – no matter where you’re heading.

The best thing you can do when packing is to take a sudden change of weather into consideration. Sure, they might have predicted sun but toss in a few water resistant clothes as well. If the rain persists, you should include something to keep you busy inside as well, such as puzzles and board games.

After a few days of staying inside, you’re likely to get restless. By packing clothes for being active outside, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy the rain instead of shying away from it – and you might even find that gray and rainy holidays are not so bad after all.

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