Thinking About Getting Some Winter Sun This Year? These Destinations Could be Perfect!

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As summer comes to an end, our thoughts turn to cold winter nights, snuggling up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate, wearing warm wooly jumpers and starting our holiday shopping. From this side, winter seems like a magical dream. Something to look forward to and enjoy. However, when it arrives, it can quickly grow tiresome. You get rained on all the time; it’s dark and dingy, you may even suffer from seasonal affective disorder and become depressed, which you can find out more about at

One of the best ways to keep the lovely winter dream alive is to take some time away from it. Remember, it’s not winter everywhere. There are plenty of places to soak up some winter sun and relax ready for the holidays. Here are some of the best winter sun destinations from around the world.

Costa Rica

Just when we’re entering our wettest months, Costa Rica is welcoming in its dry season. Enjoy the dry heat by exploring the rainforests, lying on the beach and looking for the native wildlife, including Sea Turtles, Whales, Macaws, Monkeys and Tree Frogs. If you want a little more adventure on your winter break, go white water rafting or waterfall rappelling. Just make sure you check out for the best travel insurance options that cover anything adventurous as not all basic policies will.  


Europe can be very cold over the winter months. But, Barcelona is one of the milder places with temperatures in December averaging around 50-60 degrees. See for more in-depth weather information. Barcelona in the winter months is much quieter and cheaper than in high-season while still offering a fantastic break. While it might be too cool to soak up the sun, it’s an ideal temperature to explore the shops, museums, and culture.


If you are looking to spend Christmas Day barbecuing on the beach, then Australia is the place for you. Their warmer months run from September to February, with December and January often the hottest. So, whenever you chose to take your winter vacation to Australia you are bound to get some fantastic weather.

Key West, Florida

If you fancy staying Stateside, Key West could be the perfect place to visit this winter. In Key West, you’ll find warm, safe beaches with golden sands and gentle seas, an eclectic mix of locals, plenty of restaurants, bars, shops and tourist destinations.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has all the advantages of an exotic break in a foreign clime. But, it’s a U.S. territory, so you’re technically not leaving the country and don’t need a passport to get there. With its 20 foot waves, Puerto Rico is a great place to visit if you fancy trying surfing in some warmer waters this year. If you are traveling with family, there are also calmer waters to enjoy, don’t worry!

Of course, if you enjoy the winter climate you could always embrace it and spend your vacation time letting off some steam at a popular ski destination. However, you chose to spend your time, make sure you get a little rest and have some fun this coming winter.

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