The Identity Crisis: One Thing Your Business Can’t Lack

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Branding is something you’ve probably already done a bit of research on, but the fact is that there are still so many businesses getting branding wrong. It is not just the story of the business, it is not just a value proposition, and it is not your marketing alone. It is an identity that is used as a shorthand to communicate to your customers and others in the industry what you are all about. If you don’t find the identity of your business, you’re not going to have a very powerful brand.

Make an impact

A good message can be impactful. If you speak to a need that your target market perhaps didn’t know they needed, or if you signal values that they haven’t heard before, a message can be enough. If you’re in a field with any competition, then you’re probably going to need more than just that. A catchy name and a striking visual style are just as much a part of the brand identity as your value proposition. In particular, business logos can become one of the most powerful branding tools out there. Taking the time to think about the aesthetic values of the business, the kind of voice used in branding content, and the presentation of it, in general, is important. Without that kind of consideration, you might have a great message, but you might be delivering it in the dullest and most uninteresting of ways.

Make a difference

Speaking of competition, they are truly your biggest obstacle when it comes to creating a brand with its own distinct identity. Your customer isn’t going to immediately understand the differences between you and your competitor. It’s down to your brand identity to do that. A distinct visual style is a good start. But let a little competitive research on the others in the industry inform a deeper approach. Find the service you specialize on that your competition doesn’t or the demographic you serve better than them. Carve out your niche and make it one of the primary focuses of the brand.

Make an entrance

Just because you have a great, distinct identity set up doesn’t mean that anyone is going to take notice of it. Nowadays, it might be easy to believe that visibility is all built online. But don’t underestimate the power of a physical launch event to really give your business a proper entrance on the world stage. Take the time to introduce the brand visuals and message in a space where you have complete control. Don’t forget to have plenty of one-on-one conversations and shake some hands. A bit of personal charisma goes a long way to making an event memorable for the attendants. It’s their word-of-mouth and piqued interest that is going to give the brand a running start on its way to fame.

The message, the value, the market, these all contribute to the identity of the brand. But so does being distinct, being memorable, and being very, very visible. Hopefully, the points above show that your brand needs more than a bullet point list of values and goals. It needs some wow factor. It needs an identity.

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