A Crafty Idea For A Small Business

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There’s no doubt about it: handmade items are back.

For years, handmade was seen as the epitome of ‘cheap’. Handmade items were what everyone made do with when they couldn’t afford to buy something. They were subpar and a little bit awful, but that’s what they were meant to be like – an alternative, not a competitor, to conventionally produced items.

Then came the era of the internet.

Rather than being told that handmade was a bad thing, millions around the globe realized there is still a relentless appetite for handmade items. No longer did they become the preserve of the cheap and tacky; they became artisanal, desirable, their absolute unique nature seen as a benefit rather than a drawback. Who wants to have something everyone else has, anyway?

If you’re one of the millions of people who have embraced making your own… well… anything, then you’re not alone. Not only are there millions of creators just like you, but there’s also a marketplace thirsty for the handcrafted and indie alternatives to mass production. If you’ve got a crafty eye, then there’s a good chance that you can turn a profit with it, making your small business dreams come true.


If you make something that you know is good, there’s a great chance someone else is going to want to pay you for it. It might not be the beginning of a multinational business that will see you make your fortune, but it could be a small side or lifestyle business that gives your creativity an outlet it needs..


Unique or small-produced items are more popular than they have ever been, encouraged by sites such as Etsy and eBay. Consumers don’t just want something everyone else has; they want something different, something personal, something they could never find in a conventional store.


Obviously, the aforementioned two sites are a great option for selling your handmade wares – but they’re far from the only option. Before you start troubling yourself with photographs and listing fees, you might want to try a small craft fair. They’re easy to attend, for one thing; a few items to sell, a cash box, printing stickers to display the prices – it doesn’t need to be complicated. Go along and see what sells, giving you an area to focus on when it comes to marketing online.


There’s never a bad time to launch a handmade business, but there is one period of the year when it might be even more beneficial: fall. If you begin your endeavors in the fall, then you have time to build up a customer base and reputation before the lucrative Christmas rush begins. Handmade gifts are becoming more and more popular as Christmas gifts, as people seek out something truly different for their loved ones.


Well – why not you? If you think what you produce isn’t good enough or that you can’t make a go of it, then you’re defeating yourself before you even begin. Given the low investment costs and the ability to start small, isn’t it worth trying the idea just to see if you can make it fly?



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