Problems With Your Home Office

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If you’re considering creating a home office, or you already have one – it may not be working out how you would have liked it to, and here are the reasons why.

Not enough space.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in your home to have an office. Sure, you can stick a computer pretty much anywhere, but you shouldn’t feel crushed while you work. You want to be able to move around, stretch out your legs, and have enough walking space if you need to clear your head for a moment.

Lack of privacy.

If you’re living on your own, this won’t concern you. But if you have children at home, a partner, or live with roommates, it will be tricky to get the privacy you need because you’re sharing a home with others. Even guests popping round could take a toll, especially when you have important documents and files lying around the place.

The home part.

Maybe the problem with your home office – is the home part. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it’s just not possible to focus. Even if you lock yourself away in a room, you know that the tv is just downstairs, along with the comfortable sofa, and delicious snacks to munch on. So if you find it hard to stay in work mode at home, maybe you should look at some office moving companies to move into somewhere more professional, that motivates you to work, and doesn’t distract you from the tasks at hand.

Working too much.

Having said that, it’s very easy to overwork yourself when you have a home office too. This is because you’re already where you should be, so when you have a free hour or two, you immediately think about fitting in some work – because it needs doing, and it’s right there in front of you – so why not? When your business phone rings after hours, why not answer it? When you receive an email about a product, why not reply? (And so on.) But it’s important to have your time off; otherwise you’ll just feel rundown.

Not professional enough.

You can be as professional as you like – always keeping on top of your work, and giving your customers the best service possible, but even then, clients may not take you seriously because you are working from home. This shouldn’t even be relevant, but unfortunately, there are certain people that may look at it that way.

Feeling isolated.

Working alone in a confined space can really take its toll on you. You’re closed away without any colleagues to talk to, and that can get very lonely. You may then start to feel down, and work will seem even harder to finish because mentally, you feel like crap. Being isolated isn’t always the best way to work – although you aren’t distracted by others, the weight of being alone won’t do you any favors.


Working from home all depends on the type of person you are. You may find that it suits you perfectly – if so, that’s great. But it’s important to make yourself aware of the disadvantages too.

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