Becoming a Better Leader: How to Promote Efficiency in The Workplace

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The fact that you’re a business owner and the leader of your employees doesn’t automatically turn you into a good leader. An efficient team and a productive environment to work in depend on calm and stable leadership; there is more to being a leader than to have a fancy title and a team behind you. A good leader is able to make the people around her better – not just at the work they do, but also with regards to their relations and happiness at work in general.

If you want to promote efficiency in the office, you need to start by looking at yourself. Here are some of the best advice from distinguished leaders and influencers out there, so roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Connecting with the employees

An efficient workplace has nailed the whole collaboration thing. You won’t find any small specialized groups that barely know what’s going on the other departments; a healthy culture keeps the communication channels open throughout the entire company. Promote collaboration by setting an example; you are, after all the one who should take the first step in any new direction, and need to show the rest where you’re heading.

A good way to open the channels between the teams is to make use of collaboration tools that eliminates one-way communications. Steer away from mass communication and try to find ways each employee’s preferred method of communicating – whether it’s phone calls, texts or emails. If you’re in control of a large company, it’s a good idea to tell your team leaders to do this.

Exceptional leaders are good listeners and genuinely interested in other people; if you want your employees to get behind your idea of efficiency in the workplace, you need to show that you care.

Eliminate motivation drains

If you have successfully connected with the employees and feel confident that they’ll have your back in all of this, you should be able to identify motivation triggers – and killers. There could be many of these, and they’re not confined to either technology or people. It’s vital to be able to identify this to create a healthy environment, so consider hiring business intelligence consultants if your team is large or if you don’t have time to observe the office properly.

After carefully watching the office dynamics, you might notice that certain hours of the day are slower than others, that certain people drain the motivation of their team, or that your communication systems are holding you back. All of this could deeply frustrate your employees and add to the lack of productivity in the office. Have a look at this article for other ways to kill the motivation in an office – and consider if some of these occur in yours.

You should allow your employees to use the Internet freely. To restrict them of this is not just an excellent way of turning them slightly against you, but it also reveals a lack of forward-thinking as the Internet is a great resource for most businesses. Plus, allowing them to be on social media from time to time, opens up for more communication between your employees as well being able to keep an eye on your competitors online.


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