How To Stay Organized, The Easy Way!

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In adult life, staying organized is incredibly important. We all lead very busy lives, so we need to make sure that everything is organized, at home and at work! Without organization, our lives would be a messy patchwork of uncompleted tasks and jobs, which is stressful for even the most level headed of people! It can be hard to know what is good for staying in control and organized, so here are the best ways to stay so!

Make Use Of Calendars

Calendars are a hugely overlooked piece of organizational equipment that everyone needs to have! They come in two forms, digital and physical, both having their different pros and cons. Of course, the main use they both share is that they are both able to clearly show what your plans for a certain day are! Physical calendars, when hung up in the correct place, remind you every time you walk past them what you’re doing on a certain date, and if you hang it up in a place where you frequently go in your house then you will see it often and will always remember what your plans for a specific week or day are! Digital calendars like S Planner allow you to view them whenever you choose, though this is not as good as physical calendars as you don’t always open your calendar app! However, where they excel is that they create notifications the day before and on the day that you’re doing something. You can also customize this to notify you at a certain time within the day so you’ll never forget to make that phone or call or post that letter!

Work Schedule Software

This is aimed more at the workplace than at home, but it’s still a very useful thing to have at your disposal! Those of us that work in offices will know that trying to get all your work done for the day can be a nightmare if you don’t do everything in the most efficient order. This is where work schedule systems come in. They allow you to pre-plan your work, allowing you to place them all in a specific order on the software you’re using so you can see which pieces of work you should do first, and how long you should spend on them. You can also add notes to these jobs to remind yourself of something you have to do for it, and you can mark it off as complete once you’ve done it! Be sure to do your research for the best work schedule maker, if you get one that has flaws or is poorly made then you could end up doing the wrong work in the wrong order, working to your detriment.

Set Yourself Time Limits

Plans are almost always ruined when you misjudge the amount of time you have to do for something. If you misjudge something in a positive way, you’ll end up with more time on your hands, which is a huge bonus! However this often isn’t the case, as we all normally end up spending more time on tasks than we think we do! This is where the problems come in and trip us up, so it’s important that we set ourselves time limits using services like OnlineClock, a free online service that allows you to set a timer with a loud alarm! Timing yourself not only gives you time impetus to work within your timeframe, it gives you the peace of mind that after the timer is done, you don’t have to continue on that specific task, giving you a nice break to freshen your mind in preparation for the next one!

Categorize Tasks By Importance

This is a big one. This requires knowing when you work best, and which tasks are most important. If you know which tasks require the most effort and are the most important, you can get to work on them when you’re feeling at the top of your game! There’s no point doing your hardest tasks when you’re feeling the most tired in your day, all you will do is drag out the task that you have to do, making yourself feel worse in the process and producing a sub-par piece of work in the process which no one wants! If you learn to do your most important tasks when you feel full of energy and motivation, you’ll be able to get them done to a high standard which will benefit you, and your company! Not to mention that your managers will love you for it, consistently putting out good work goes a long way and you never know what kind of good impression it might have!

Keep Your Workspaces Clean

This can sound slightly odd, but it does wonders for your working attitude! No one likes a messy area, whether it be at work or at home. Messy environments distract you from the task at hand, if your area is a mess then you’ll be constantly looking at it because it’s in your eye-line and you’ll be constantly thinking about tidying it up! For work, it’s important to organize your space neatly so that this doesn’t happen, you could buy paper holders in order to declutter your space so your done and to do work is in separate spaces, or at home you could invest in some plastic containers to put anything in that might need putting away! When your areas are nice and tidy, it gives you one less thing to worry yourself about so you can get on with what you’re doing better! Not only that, but it makes the transportation and viewing of your stored items much easier, taking that extra bit of strain off you!

If you follow some of these tips, you’ll be guaranteed to have a much easier time at work and home! But these skills are not just anchored here, they can also be used for many other things like shopping, going out on a trip or even on a holiday! If you’re looking to go on a holiday, but are unsure of where you should start, read this for some expert advice!

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