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Starting up and running your own business is no easy feat. Whether you choose to go it alone or get a team of individuals on your side to help you run things, your business needs to keep moving forward. Breaking barriers in industry and smashing your own personal goals is the aim and you want to do this in the quickest, simplest way possible.

“Simple” isn’t a word that comes up enough in businesses. There are always a lot of hoops to jump through to even get a business off the ground and running – it’s a complex business and there’s no denying that. However, as a business owner it’s your job to ensure your business can move forward reliably and in a way that makes sure you can see an end game for your company. The best way to do that is to make things simple! Spending your day problem-solving instead of building business is going to mean you are pressed for time and energy, so let’s stop that today and use these epic ways to simplify your business:

  1. Get Technological. Technology is all about making life easier, from the washing machine to the smart phone. Walking around with a computer in your pocket brings just as much to your business life as the integrate Stripe with Xero. No one wants to deal with accounts and finance if they can possibly help it and with new technology invested, you can ensure your accounts processes are simpler than ever. Go automatic for payments and invest in software that can keep your incoming payments simple and easy to read.
  2. Create Templates. Do you find yourself writing the same emails over and over to various clients and customers? Stop. There is simply no need to keep repeating yourself when you don’t have to. If you have found you are sending the same emails on repeat, then it’s time to step back and look at what you are writing regularly. Creating instant templates and outlines for emails you send regularly can save you so much time when it comes to getting your message out there.
  3. Go Automatic. When it comes to paying bills, you don’t have to stick to manual payments. This is especially true if your payments are regular. Schedule everything to be paid automatically on set days of the month, and you’ve just saved yourself a day of making manual payments out of the company account. The biggest way to simplify the way you do things is to not waste time and time is the biggest thing that business owners waste in their company.
  4. Outsource. Many business owners discount the sheer genius that is outsourcing. Sending out the work your company could do to another person or organisation may be an expense, but it’s one that is worth investing in your business if it means progress and taking jobs out of your hands.

Your company should be as efficient as possible and the way to ensure this is simplification!

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