Things You May Not Have Considered in Digital Marketing

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Marketing isn’t as simple as it used to be. As a small business or startup, you have more marketing options than ever. But all the paths seem to be dominated by corporate giants. Everywhere you look, there’s a mess of different voices, big and small. How are you supposed to stand out, to make yourself heard?

Social media

Social media is ripe with opportunity for marketing. But it can seem like a daunting task. You’ve probably realised by now that it’s not as easy as hiring a company to host your ads on websites, or paying for featured ads on Facebook. It’s more complex than that and requires more nuance. Just check out to get an idea of just how much you need to think about! Many companies have several employees solely for Internet marketing. These will include community managers, Tweeters, SEO experts, content creators, etc. It’s no longer enough to get people talking. You have to talk back.

It may be worth considering getting external help for your social media marketing. This way, you can ensure you already have several important social media connections.

Web design

A lot of people don’t understand that the design of a given website helps determine how effective the digital marketing of that website is going to be. The development side of a website, after all, is the precise area that business owners are more likely to leave to other people entirely. But there are a lot of factors in web design that can directly affect how many people will end up visiting your website – and it has a lot to do with search engine bots.

These bots travel the World Wide Web looking for websites to “index” and add to search engines like Google. We’ll look into this a little more in the next section; for now we’ll just highlight how design affects this. The way these bots view websites is nothing like how the average visitor sees them; bots check the back-end code and track things like code fluidity and response times.

If your website has a clunky, unresponsive design, or has been developed poorly in other ways, then bots will be able to pick up on this analytically. That’s why it’s vital you’re working with trustworthy development and design agencies; you can read more about this at If you think that digital marketing only involves the content your (human) audience sees and factors occurring outside your website, then you’re making a mistake!

Google: search engine optimization

Outside of social media, there’s also your usual website to consider. SEO is absolutely key when it comes to marketing. Even non-business websites use SEO to make sure they’re not stuck on the rarely-visited pages of Google search results. Just so you know: those rarely-visited pages start from about page three.

Get clued in about SEO. You can find a lot of good reading material over at Google will take so many factors into account. As we’ve already mentioned, the all-powerful searching machine will even review the skeletal HTML of your website. If you need copywriters for your online content, hire those dedicated to SEO performance. Google wants high quality, and you need to deliver it. If your social media marketing is strong, then this will help you a lot. Social media sites have high online authority, so links acquired from there are high quality by Google’s standards.

Smartphones and apps

Making a fun and engaging app is a great business strategy. The mobile app business is booming, but it’s not just about getting money directly from the apps. When people download your app, a direct line of communication from you to them is created. And with mobile connection to the Internet 24/7, the consumer can always be contacted.

With an app, you can also look into location-based marketing growth. Let’s say you have a retail building, or a public event related to your business. If a consumer with your app on their phone approaches a relevant area, they can be notified of your presence. With Bluetooth technology, you can send push notifications to nearby devices.

What kind of app you make is up to you. If you’re an online store, you may want to make something that helps users browse your stock. You can read more about mobile app development for online stores at Alternatively, you could consider making a game. Can you make a mobile game that has relevance to your business? Try speaking to a game designer to see what ideas you can cook up.

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