Bringing Automation Into Your Ventures

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It’s coming! The world of automation! Many people are scared of automatic policies and procedures because they are new – and rightly so. Automation has never been correctly implemented before and in fact, it’s lead to job losses because businesses and firms are overly eager to cut jobs because the robots are in place – this isn’t right. Automation should supplement work and drive manpower into needed areas. It should never, ever be an excuse for cutting costs. That will change though as it becomes more commonplace. It’s not just robotics or code though, driverless cars are not far away. Automation is coming.

Just because it isn’t overly popular or used yet doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of automation in some way. Now, you won’t have access to advanced robotics – but with the right mindset and a bit of creativity, you can certainly do something to enhance your productivity with automation. From coding to bots, automation has a lot of uses in a lot of different roles, and you can bring it into a whole bunch of areas. You don’t have to run an industrial manufacturing plant to make the best use out of automation; it might be something that works for you from your work at home job.

Take chatbots for example. They were very weird half-human things back in the 00’s days of MSN Messenger and AIM. This isn’t the case now – automated chat bots are being deployed in customer service. If you’re an Apple or Android user – you’ll notice the impact of Siri and Google Now – two totally virtual assistants. This is the same technology that is used in chatbots. You ask a question, you get a response. With a Free Bot Builder Platform, you can create bots to help your business out. If you want to bring automation to your customer service efforts, why not use chat bots? They can be used on Skype, Slack, and Facebook and can answer questions based on your previous inputs. It might be a great way to solve issues and resolve customer queries in the first instance. This style of automation can solve a lot of issues in a wide range of businesses.

Automation can be used in a whole bunch of areas – in financial ones and results based areas as well. Human resources departments are finding that they can use automation more and more to complete all sorts of tasks. These are usually software-based, but if the software can be automated instead of relying on input, it can complete tasks with the push of a button. In some cases, we need to work to setup automation. This can be found in spreadsheets where we can build complex calculators to suit our needs, where we can extract data to build results pages for our purposes. In media organizations where we need to view views, clicks and retweets – this can be useful to see how things are going ahead at just a glance.

Automation? We’re still in the early stages of it, meaning you’ll need to be creative to find a use!

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